December 5, 2022

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Justice Rosenberg died at the age of 100

Justice Rosenberg was the last aide to freedom fighter Varian Fry. Now he is 100 years old and dead. He helped many famous people to escape from the National Socialists.

From the National Socialists Donsik Expelled, Justice Rosenberg fled during World War II France. There he helped freedom fighter Varian Fry bring hundreds of people to safety. The “New York Times” reported on Thursday that Rosenberg, Fry’s last aide, had died on October 30 at the age of 100, citing his wife, Karin.

Bart College, where Rosenberg eventually taught, also confirmed his death. Accordingly, the professor of language and literature, who turned 100 in January, only published a book about the time he was on the fry page last year, when he died with his family.

Saving celebrities

Rosenberg was born in Gdansk in 1921. His parents were Jewish non-Jewish and their native language was German. Before the Nazis, Rosenberg fled to France, where he attended school and university. Through acquaintances he finally met the American journalist Fry (1907-1967) in the south of the country, who immediately hired him to help set up his rescue network, through which he sought to escape hundreds of people from the National Socialists. Among them, for example, the philosopher Hannah Arendt, artists Mark Sakal And Max Ernst and writers Heinrich and Colo Mann.

Rosenberg was soon called “Gucci” to the team. The invisible young man, who spoke French, German and English fluently, lived in a house with Fry and others, became a courier, brought some fake documents and personally assisted people like Heinrich Mann and Franz Verfell, who were famous throughout the Pyrenees. Spain.

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“A great achievement”

Rosenberg and Werfel’s wife, Alma Mahler-Werfel, carried the 60 – year – old writer Werfel together in the mountains. “I already knew history was going on, but it was a big adventure for me,” Rosenberg once told a German newspaper.

After Fry was exposed, Rosenberg fought alone, and shortly after the war ended with the French underground army, he was finally dropped off by a university in the US state. Ohio He was hired as a French teacher. He has been teaching at Bart College since the early 1960s.