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Justin Amash Doubles Efforts for President’s Impeachment Post Quitting GOP

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Soon after announcing his resignation from the Grand Old Party (GOP), Rep. Justin Amash has increased his efforts to support the President impeachment.

The 39-year-old American politician has been serving as the US Representative for Michigan’s third congressional district since 2011. Despite being a member of the Republican Party, his calls for Trump’s impeachment were met with criticism from his own fellow members.

Californian Republican Kevin McCarthy condemned Justin Amash in May calling him “out of step with this conference” and “out of step with America”.

Despite the criticism, some of the senior officials being happy with his public stance against the Trump administration have privately thanked him for his conduct.

Describing the whole situation himself, Justin Amash on CNN’s ‘State of Union’ said, “When I was discussing impeachment, I had fellow colleagues and other Republicans, high-level officials, contacting me, saying, Thank you for what you’re doing.”

Amash further added, “So there are lots of Republicans out there who are saying these things privately, but they’re not saying it publicly, and I think that’s a problem for our country.”  

The analysts’ arguments that by getting out of the Republican Party, Amash would largely set up a third-party presidential run, has clearly been denied by him.

“I believe that I have to use my skills, my public influence, where it serves the country best,” Amash said.

Justin Amash believes Trump to have committed the obstruction of justice and allowed Russian interference during 2016 Presidential elections campaigning to win against Hillary Clinton. He arrived at the conclusion after reading Special Counsel Robert Muller’s report. He believes that the fact that not every Congressman has read the report could be the major reason behind less forcefulness of the impeachment calls.

Bringing in the truth of the members elected to the similar party, Amash said, “People are elected to Congress with an oath to support and defend the Constitution, not an oath to support and defend one person, the president who happens to be from your own party.”

He also criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her inability to push for impeachment of the president. “From a principled, moral position, she is making a mistake. From a strategic position, she is making a mistake,” Amash said.

“I do believe there’s a strong case. I believe she believes there is a strong case, and if so, she should move forward.”

With the President’s impeachment calls, Justin Amash had earlier attracted backlashes from his fellow members, while another Michigan Rep. Jim Lower was set to run against him in the 2020 race. Amash’s announcement to quit the party has highly benefited Lower, who largely favors the Trump administration and stands in opposition to Trump’s impeachment.

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