December 5, 2022

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Kabul: The first Germans are expelled – the airport is guarded by US forces

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The first Germans were expelled from Kabul – US forces guarded the airport

Haiko Mass during his statement before the Foreign Ministry on Sunday evening

Haiko Mass during his statement before the Foreign Ministry on Sunday evening


After the Taliban invaded the Afghan capital, Kabul, the city’s airport came under scrutiny. Sometimes confusing scenes happen there. America increases its presence to 6,000 soldiers. Germany began expelling its citizens.

D.He began expelling German citizens from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. According to the German Press Agency, 40 employees of the German embassy landed on a US plane in Doha, the Gulf of Qatar, on Monday night. All four members of the Swiss representation in Afghanistan were at the machine.

The first evacuation was carried out by an American engine because Bundeswehr did not want to send two A400M transport engines from Wunstarp in Lower Saxony to Kabul until Monday night. Over the next few days, they should be the centerpiece of an “airlift” in which, in addition to diplomatic staff, other German citizens and local staff who have worked in the Bundeswehr or federal ministries in Afghanistan or are still working. Is to be brought to Germany.

The two A400Ms provide space for 114 passengers and have special protection against attacks by missiles, for example, for security reasons the federal government may fly the victims to an unnamed “third country”. From there it goes to Germany with civilian machinery. It is not yet clear how many people will be evicted in total.

Chaotic scenes at Kabul airport

The government in Washington says US troops have guarded the airport in and around the Afghan capital after the Taliban marched into Kabul. The evacuation of the U.S. embassy in Kabul is now over, said U.S. State Department spokeswoman Nate Price in Washington. The entire embassy staff is now on the premises of the international Hamid Karzai airport, “the area is guarded by the US military”.

Commercial air traffic continues despite the closure in between Interruptions and delays Ministry spokesman John Kirby had previously said Sunday evening (local time). Afghan journalists And The American media has published the news Thousands of people, some of them still trying to leave the city in Darshala between the parked machines.

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Conflict in Afghanistan

According to reports, in addition to the 1,000 troops already in Kabul, other forces with two infantry battalions and about 2,000 soldiers are on site. Over the next 48 hours the strength of the force will increase to 6000. “We continue to focus on the task assigned to us: to facilitate the safe return of citizens from the country and to secure operations at the airport,” Kirby said. CNN Broadcasting reports that the US flag has been lowered at the embassy premises.

The “Functional Center Team” should be at the airport

Foreign Minister Haiko Mass (SPD) on Sunday announced that German citizens would be deported soon. “The Taliban are about to seize power,” Mass said. In this context, the safety of German nationals and Afghan workers in recent years should be a “priority.”

Defense Minister Annegret Cromb-Garenbauer (CDU) stressed: “We – as long as local possibilities allow – will get as many people as possible from Afghanistan.” A hub will be set up in a neutral third country outside Afghanistan and from there an air transport will be set up to Kabul. You and Mass announced that the rescued would be brought to Germany by public plane from this third country.

According to Masin, an “operational center team” from the embassy in Kabul will have to stay in the military-protected area of ​​the airport to maintain the embassy’s working capacity and carry out evacuation operations. Embassy staff had already been brought to the airport during the day. “Colleagues are there now and they are safe there,” Mass said. The crisis team was contacted at a meeting in the afternoon.

Close exchange with the United States

“We are doing everything we can to get our countrymen and our former local staff to leave the country in the days to come,” Mass said. “It is currently difficult to predict the circumstances under which this could happen.” That is why the federal government is in close contact with the United States and other international partners. “We agreed that we would support each other with evacuation measures in the coming days.”

According to the defense minister, the Bundeswehr will primarily send paramilitary troops from the Rapid Response Force (DSK). “We are ready for all situations.” This is a very difficult situation for the local people – “but also for the soldiers”. Cramp-Karenpower stressed: “This is the dangerous mission we are sending you now.”

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Another family has come to Kabul.  Like thousands of others, she fled the Taliban to the capital

Local Afghan staff who have worked in the armed forces or in central ministries, or are still working, are to be brought to Germany. They are now considered particularly at risk. Cramp-Karenpower did not say how many machines would depart for Campbell. Military engines can carry 114 people.

According to previous reports, the federal government wants to approve the move by order of the German Bundestack. This can only be done at a later date as urgency is required. This option is explicitly provided for in the Parliamentary Participation Act. There it states: “Operations do not require prior approval of the Bundestack in the event of an immediate risk of non-deferral.” President Angela Merkel (CDU) briefed parliamentary committee chairs on the situation on Sunday evening.

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