December 5, 2022

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Kamala Harris “Missing”? – Vice Presidential counters mocking Republicans

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A Republican is trying to back up his critique of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ immigration policies with a ballot box. However, time will be better.

Washington D.C. – In the United States, politics is fighting hard. If you look at the harsh words that Democrats and Republicans throw at each other, it is shown every day. Even after Donald Trump’s presidency, the parties are backing down a little bit. The Republicans’ favorite target, along with US President Joe Biden, is the woman who is usually by his side, Vice President Kamala Harris.

But with the last blow against Harris, the Republicans scored their own goal. Not only because of the apparent bizarre design they put forward their accusation. The Vice President of the United States has once again aged his political opponents by his actions.

USA: Republicans want to provoke Kamala Harris with a milk carton

According to The Hill newspaper, Republican Steve Scholes brought a milk carton to an American carton. In the United States, missing children are often sought after using such boxes. They then include a picture of the child you are looking for and, among other things, the inscription “Missing” and the missing person’s location. The milk carton was not a picture of a child the Republican had brought with him, but a picture of Vice President Kamala Harris.

The words “at [US]There is no limit ”. With this somewhat tasteless joke, he wants to draw attention to what he believes is a lack of reaction from Republicans to immigration to the border with Mexico. Kamala Harris “refuses to go there because she doesn’t want to do anything with this unworthy policy,” Scalis said on Wednesday (April 14, 2021).

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris provokes her critics. (Archive image)

© Chip Somodevilla / AFP

But on the same day that the Republicans gave voice to these allegations, Harris explains their plans – they are completely different to the allegations.

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Miracle: Kamala Harris shows Republicans what she has

U.S. President Joe Biden hired Harris earlier this month to form an opinion against immigration. Shortly thereafter, it was noted that the US government’s efforts would focus primarily on the so-called Northern Triangle, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Most of the immigrants are from these countries. Harris said Wednesday he will travel to Central America soon. These efforts are a step towards combating the roots of mass migration across the border.

Kamala Harris goes to Mexico and Guatemala

“Our focus is on dealing with the causes, and I hope I can begin my first trip to the Northern Triangle soon – stop in Mexico and then to Guatemala,” Harris told The Hill. But Harris insists the problem of mass migration cannot be solved overnight.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Biden-message: All information about US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris

“The work that lies ahead of us demands continued commitment to institutionalize with our partners,” the U.S. vice president continued. (Sophia Lothar)