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Rep. Katie Hill: A Victim of Revenge or a Pawn to Thwart Impeachment?

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Although Californian Democratic Rep. Katie Hill has announced her resignation amid the allegations of sexual relationship with a staffer in her office, she has called the move as revenge from the “abusive” estranged husband.

Hill’s resignation has led many to speculate behind the ulterior motive of releasing her nudes and allegations of relationship with fellow staffers and campaign aides. As she is not only the member but also the vice-chairperson of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, a panel responsible for overseeing and scrutinizing the US President’s conduct in the White House.

While announcing her resignation on Sunday, Katie Hill in a lengthy resignation letter said, “It is with a broken heart that today I announce my resignation from Congress. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I believe it is the best thing for my constituents, my community, and our country.”

The resignation has come amidst a time when the House Ethics Committee has initiated an investigation into the allegations of Hill having sexual relations with her legislative director Graham Kelly.

If the investigation is found to be true, then the Democratic Rep. would be facing sentence for the violations of rules created last year, when various male Congress members were accused of sexual assault allegations.

Moreover, there might be a possibility that unlawful release of the pictures of Katie Hill during her private moments to a media tabloid might be an attempt to thwart or impede the current impeachment inquiry, which the Democrats are conducting against the President.

Giving further rise and air to such speculations is the statement by the National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman, Tom Emmer, in regard to the allegations against Hill.

Emmer in his statement tried to relate the allegations and resignation of Katie Hill with the policies like Medicare for All introduced by Democratic Presidential Hopefuls and their calls for impeaching the President.

On the other hand, as per Hill and her attorneys, she is going through a messy divorce and has become the target of revenge by “an abusive husband”.

While the investigation does not prove the allegations, there remains a possibility of changing the direction of impeachment inquiry, which the GOP members can take advantage of. Therefore, it would not be baseless if the House Ethics Committee investigates the cause and the reason behind the release of the unlawful release of pictures and the allegations against Katie Hill.

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  1. She’s a victim of her own making. Let it be a lesson To people, don’t cheat on your husband don’t fuck people that work for you. And if you make six videos or six pictures expect that it’s going to get out in the public someday this is a given so be prepared for it if it’s embarrassing you don’t do it

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