February 2, 2023

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Kenya: Angry mob hits serial killer after prison blast – News Abroad

He escaped from custody in Kenya two days ago – but people were still seeking revenge.

The serial child killer is in an East African country Maston Vanzala (20) Were beaten to death by an angry mob.

A spokesman for the authorities said the man was identified by children on his way to school in his hometown on Friday morning. The news spread very quickly – and then a crowd followed.

Executive Chairman Bonface Endema: “Eventually he ran into the house next door, but he was dragged out.” Vanzala escaped from custody on Wednesday, shortly before a court hearing in Nairobi.

The Vanjala killings devastated the country and made headlines following his arrest in JulyPhoto: Simon Myna / AFP

He was arrested in July for the murder of two children. During interrogation, he confessed to killing at least ten children – and led investigators to the bodies of the victims.

According to police, he is said to have “drained blood from the veins” of some of the victims. He is said to have dumped the bodies in bushes or sewers. Many bodies could not be found.

Vanjala posed as a football coach to the children – only to take them to distant places and ambush them. In some cases, he took them hostage and extorted money.

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