December 5, 2022

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“Killer bee” attack in Texas: Man (70) stabbed to death while mowing the lawn – News Abroad

A deadly bee attack has occurred in the US state of Texas!

A 70-year-old man was also known as “killer bees” by aggressive Africanized Hong bees while mowing the lawn in Breckenridge, Texas. According to the fire department’s Facebook post, he was stabbed several times and suffered a heart attack.

All resuscitation measures taken by the paramedics who came failed – the person died in his garden.

His wife, who was at home, also had to be saved from the swarm of bees. A firefighter gave the widow her protective clothing and took her out of the dangerous area, after which she was taken to hospital for medical and psychological care.

Later, police and firefighters went to the home and “advised people not to use noisy equipment outside until the bees have calmed down.”

A local beekeeper would have provided his equipment to locate and dispose of the bee. The reason for the aggressive behavior of bees is often the vibrations coming from the meadow.

Attacks by Africanized bees are recurring in the United States. These invasive species were created by crossing European bees with African bees.

The bee was hiding in the trunk of this treePhoto: Breckenridge Fire Department

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