December 5, 2022

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Killing George Floyd: Suu Kyi’s defense calls for suspended sentence

Status: 03.06.2021 4:09 am

After the death of American African American George Floyd, a white police officer was already convicted of murder. The sentence is still pending. Defense and prosecution have been in their demands for decades.

From Arthur Landware,
ARD-Studio Washington

Derek Sue’s attorney is demanding that his client be suspended. The former police officer charged in the George Floyd murder case is currently in solitary confinement awaiting a judge’s sentence.

Arthur Landwear
ARD-Studio Washington

Suv did his best and made a mistake, but knew no guilt when he pressed his knee to the victim’s neck.

Judgment on June 25th

His client is a completely normal man with family and friends, but the product of a broken organization as a police officer. In addition, he is particularly at risk in prison, fearing that other inmates will harm him. Therefore, his current imprisonment should be taken into account and the rest should be suspended, the prosecutor is now seeking in an application to the court.

However, the prosecution claims that Derek Suu Kyi should be punished more severely than usual for someone who does not have a criminal record. The judge has already determined that the crime is particularly serious. Therefore, the verdict on June 25 could carry up to 30 years in prison.

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