February 3, 2023

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Klay Thompson's superb response to losing important free throws against the Grizzlies

Klay Thompson’s superb response to losing important free throws against the Grizzlies

Warriors star Klay Thompson may do many incredibly inhuman things on the basketball court, but he issued a PSA friendly after missing two important free throws in Sunday’s win over the Memphis Grizzlies.

“I’m human,” Thompson told reporters after the match. “I’ve learned from a lot of experience that you have to move forward while you still have the lead.”

Thompson silenced the crowd at FedExForum When the 3 handle hit the clutch With 36.6 seconds left to give the Warriors a 117-116 lead.

But Memphis had plenty of time to regain the lead as Grizzlies star Ja Morant took matters into his own hands and led the basket. Morant’s shot was stopped by Steve Curry and Jordan Paul got on the defensive plate.

With very few options left, the Grizzlies decided to assault Thompson and send him to the free-throw line to shoot two with less than seven seconds left.

Thompson, an 85 percent free thrower, got a chance to extend Golden State’s lead to three, but ended up missing both shots from the bar.

The rare pair of missed free throws allowed Memphis to not only shoot with a three, but one shot that would have put them in a position to win the game by the time the time was up.

Morant burst into the basket and tried to put the ball inside, but thanks to Thompson’s spin to help counter the shot, Thompson was able to make up for those missed free throws with a crucial defensive stop.

As the clock approached, the result remained the same and the warriors were able to pull win nail biting In the first match of the second round of qualifying.

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“We had to stop,” Thompson said. “So I’m proud of myself for turning that page and focusing on the defensive end. I’ve learned in life that you can’t go back. I missed those free throws, I was very disappointed in myself, but quickly forgot about them and realized we had a chance to win this match in four seconds. That Bad but we won and that’s all that really matters.”


Warriors fans may have forgotten the speed of the missed free throws when Thompson assisted in a fine stop on the other end.

Living according to Thompson’s words, warriors “can’t go back” and they have to Stay focused on the game 2 Tuesday.