September 27, 2022

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Kremlin threatens Tesla billionaire Elon Musk

“If I die in mysterious circumstances, I would be glad to know you.”

With This message Elon Musk, the 50-year-old boss of the world’s richest man and space pioneer Elon Musk, shocked his 91 million followers on Monday. Twitter And the whole world. “It’s not fun,” replied Thai Maye, 74.

Reason for fear of death: Putin’s space boss Dmitry Rogozin, 58, has threatened that Musk “is involved in supplying fascist forces in Ukraine and will be held accountable as an adult.” Rogosin refers to the “Starling” satellite communications systems provided by Musk to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which Ukrainians have the best internet reception even during wars. Putin’s invasion is an advantage over the military.

The past few weeks have shown just how serious such threats can be.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, at least seven (!) Russian oligarchs and former managers of some state-owned Russian companies have died – all possible witnesses to Putin’s criminal maneuvers in the international financial sector.

வர் Youngest in mysterious series of deaths: Alexander Subodin († 45), a former board member of the Russian oil company Lukoil. He is believed to have died Sunday of a heart attack while visiting a shaman near Moscow.

Alexander Subodh († 45) died May 8 in LugoImage: Image Alliance / dpa / TASS

Most tragic incident ever: On April 20, Novatech manager Serge Protozenza († 55) was found hanged in Loret de Mar, Spain. At home with him: his wife (53), his daughter (18) who was murdered by an ax.

Sergei Protocenya, († 55), Novatek died on April 20

Sergei Protocenya, († 55), Novatek died on April 20Photo: nata.marquise / facebook

The only survivor of the extended suicide: his son Fedor (22), who lived in France at the time of the crime. Faces serious charges. Spanish police are said to have told him that there was no blood stain on his father’s body and that his fingerprints were not found on the murder weapon of his mother and sister. His suspicion: Putin may have sent a successful team to oust his father.

As a warning to anyone he considers himself a potential “traitor”.

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What is Starling?

The goal of technology company Starlink is to provide fast internet access to everyone around the world – with the help of thousands of satellites orbiting the earth.

The Klitschko brothers pose with the Starling antenna in Kiev

The Klitschko brothers pose with the Starling antenna in KievPhoto: Kyiv City Council

நிறுவனம் The company of technology billionaire Elon Musk (50) is already considered one of the largest satellite operators: about 2000 currently in operation. This development is being driven by SpaceX, a company owned by Elon Musk. In Ukraine, Starling is also used for military communications in the event of a failure of mobile communications and local Internet access.

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