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Cavaliers’ Kyle Guy Announces for NBA Draft After NCAA Victory

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Last updated on April 21st, 2019

Kyle Guy, junior guard of Virginia Cavaliers, took to social media on Tuesday revealing that he will be leaving the Cavaliers and declared for the NBA draft 2019.

Guy, one of the most outstanding players of the Final Four of NCAA tournament, made the announcement just a day after his teammates, Ty Jerome and De’Andre Hunter mentioned that they would be declaring for the NBA draft.

On Twitter and Instagram, Guy wrote, “Today, I will be declaring for the 2019 NBA draft and signing an agent. I am diving into this with two feet to achieve my dream but I will leave the option of coming back to school open.”

The last date to submit the names for the NBA draft 2019 is April 21. The players are also allowed to retract from the thought of signing the draft by May 29 and can also end the bond with the agents, to make sure they can play in the NCAA tournament.

Last season, Kyle Guy scored 120 three pointers, with the average of 15.4 – free throw percentage of 83.3 and becoming third in rebounding with the score of 4.5. During the semi-final match in the NCAA tournament against Auburn, Guy scored on all of his three free throws with six-tenths of second remaining, which turned the game into the favor of Cavaliers with 63-62.

While in the final match against Texas Tech, Guy along with Jerome and Hunter scored 67 points, bringing victory to the Cavaliers in the NCAA tournament.

The three players, who helped the team win the coveted NCAA tournament, were together on Saturday during a function at Scott Stadium held to honor the team.

After the ceremony, Kyle Guy said, “I’m kind of at a loss for words for what we’ve accomplished. I told Ty and Dre that we said we were going to do something like this when we came here, and obviously we talked about it, too. To see it come to fruition is one of the greatest accomplishments and feelings I’ve ever felt on the basketball court.”

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