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Labour Union Steps in the Stuck USMCA Deal with Democrats

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The North American trade agreement, which was so far roving in the sphere of House Democrats and the White House, has now hit the web of the labour union. The President of AFL-CIO Richard Trumka and other labour leaders voiced out their uncertainty over the deal proposed by the Trump administration.

They called for the latest US-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement (USMCA) to ensure that Mexico enforces new labour standards, and to include a robust system of alternative in case it does not. The labour union and Democrats are raised concerns that absence of such enforcements could allow Mexico to have an upper hand in competing with the American firms.

On Tuesday, Trumka met freshman Democrats on Capitol Hill at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s invitation. Lawmakers working on the agreement have insisted that the unions are willing to act in line with their party leadership.

“My takeaway from that meeting is, there is no daylight between Rich Trumka and Nancy Pelosi and there’s no daylight between the labour movement and the Democratic Caucus on this,” said Representative Andy Levin, a freshman and former labour organizer who was at the meeting.

Democrats, who left the capital for Thanksgiving break last week, are making efforts to negotiate their terms of a deal with the White House. They have continued talks on the agreement during the break, while they also try to include their allies in organized labour.

On the other hand, President Trump is also concerned, as he argued that the unions could possibly scamper the agreement. On Friday morning, he said to Fox News, “I predict she won’t do USMCA because Richard Trumka — who’s a good guy, but a big union guy, only cares about a union — Richard Trumka has her mortified.”

However, Richard Trumka and Congressional Democrats have been hanging together, insisting that their values are also aligned. “We have shared values,” said Nancy Pelosi. “If we don’t have enforcement, we ain’t got nothing, except a nice conversation.”

The House Speaker has repeatedly stated that the Democrats are ensuring for the USMCA to pass, which would grant Trump a major political accomplishment during an election year. However, she called the White House deal “imminent”, last week.

The negotiators constantly raised hopes that the deal could pass through the Congress before the new year, after it passed the Democrats. However, an addition to the obstructions is expected to complicate the situation, further.

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