December 10, 2022

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Large number of infections: Israel increases pressure on people who have been vaccinated twice – Politics Abroad

Now the Israeli government is taking action again in the fight against Corona …

Due to the high number of infections, the Israeli government is increasing the pressure on people who have been vaccinated twice: since Sunday, the so-called Green Passport, which allows access to public life, is only valid for up to six months. The second vaccine. After that, victims should receive a third injection as a booster.

Even those who tested positive for corona should be vaccinated after six months. According to Health Ministry figures, the new regulation could affect more than a million people.

The Green Pass is valid for all areas of public life in Israel: all persons aged three or over who wish to attend sports or cultural events, gymnasiums, museums, restaurants, etc. must prove that they have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative. Universities or conferences. Children up to the age of twelve can be tested for free. You have to pay the expenses yourself from the age of twelve.

According to the Ministry of Health, 61 percent of the 9.4 million people have been vaccinated twice, and about 37 percent three times. The prerequisite for the third injection is that the second vaccine was given at least five months ago.

At the end of July, Israel became the first country in the world to launch a third vaccine. Background of the decision According to figures from the Ministry of Health, the effectiveness of the vaccine has been drastically reduced since the beginning of June.

The sharpest criticism of the new regulation came from the Israeli Teachers Union. Starting this Sunday, teachers who do not have a green pass will no longer be tested for the corona virus and will be exempt from teaching. Teachers are then not allowed to teach online and cannot be paid. “That’s 50 percent of the teachers, that’s about 80,000,” said Ron Eres, president of the Teachers Union.

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The association demands a two-month transition period for teachers to receive a third vaccine. Eras criticized the government for communicating the new requirements too quickly. There is no routine testing practice for teachers. The association has the right to oppose disciplinary action in court.

In early September, Israel recorded the highest number of new infections a day since the outbreak, with more than 11,000. Since then, the number of infections has been slowly declining. However, experts still warn that the health system is overburdened by unvaccinated, seriously ill corona patients. According to the Ministry of Health, about 600 critically ill patients have not been vaccinated recently.