September 25, 2022

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Latest Kevin Durant news |  rumors hoops

Latest Kevin Durant news | rumors hoops

Kevin Durantconfrontation with Networks Because his desire to trade is likely to continue early in the season, ESPN’s Bobby Marks said this week in an appearance on “NBA Today” (video link). Marx theorizes that Durant damaged his cause by warning In his last meeting with the team owner Ju TsaiSaying he won’t come back unless the coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks They shot. Bobby Marks notes that the request was bad for Durant’s image and speculates that he will eventually regret the way he handled it.

“That doesn’t pose the problem,” said an ESPN analyst. “For Shawn Marks or Steve Nash or Joe Tsai to say, ‘You know what, now we have to trade it. Now we have to set an artificial schedule. The offers are the offers. We know what the offers are going to be and what they could be, and that’s why this will continue to be in regular season.

Also on “NBA Today,” ESPN’s Tim Bontemps said Durant’s terms will make things more difficult when the Nets meet at training camp next month. He adds that rival teams now have less incentive to improve their offerings because Durant has put Brooklyn in a tough spot.

There is more on Durant:

  • Ramona Shelburne, who appears in the same clip, said a source told her more was addressed at last week’s meeting than Durant’s opinion of his coach and GM. Shelburne adds that The Nets viewed the discussion as “part of the process,” as Tsai wanted to better understand what would make Durant want to leave.
  • Jeff Zilgate from USA TODAY He spoke to three executives from rival teams who wanted to see the Nets to make their case with Durant and refuse to trade him or concede to Nash and Marks. In terms of potential business destinations, three executives and agents that Zillgitt spoke with believe they believe that Celtics Durant no longer participates in the lottery because the chief of basketball operations Brad Stevens He doesn’t want to subject more players to the rumor swap. The wild birds And the the heat It’s prominently mentioned, but only if Brooklyn agrees to lower the asking price.
  • A competitor executive says Steve Ballpit from Heavy That Celtics will likely remain a part of the conversation until Durant’s situation is resolved due to Jaylyn Brown He is the best player mentioned as part of a potential comeback.
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