September 28, 2022

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Leading Ukraine’s Army to Victory: Could Hero General Be the Next President? | Politics

He successfully leads the Ukrainian army |

Can Hero General Be The Next President?

He is the father of the Ukrainian resistance: General Valery Salushnizh (49), Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. At the beginning of the war he not only organized the defense of the capital, but also planned successful counter-attacks.

In the Kharkiv region, advances have been made not only in the south and east, but also in the north, and will soon reach the border with Russia. “I am proud and grateful for every Ukrainian soldier. It is an honor to fight alongside you,” Salushnyj said.

Considered a patriot and a veteran combat officer, he demonstrated his leadership skills and military acumen during Russia’s 2014-2015 invasion of Crimea. Since then, he has enjoyed high regard in the group.

BILD Context Center Putin’s army collapsed in Kharkiv

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Relevant: His first name Valerij means “strong” in German.

︎ Meanwhile, Salushnij is a hero not only in the eyes of the players, but also of a large part of the population. Observers believe that the popular general will win after the end of the war, the head of the current government, Volodymyr Zelenskyj (44).

Hero General Salushnyj had already played an enormous role in ensuring that Ukraine still existed and that the country was not overrun within days, as planned by Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin (69). Now he may even bring victory over Russia!

According to BILD, incumbent Zelensky is not too happy about speculation that he might one day move to the presidential palace.

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