September 24, 2022

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‘Let Her Pain Be Unbearable’: The Left’s Nasty Queen Hate | Politics

“Let their pain be unbearable” |

Disgusting queen hate from the left

The whole world mourns for the queen. All over the world? Absolutely not. An incredible amount of hatred for the monarch, who has died aged 96, poured down from the left.

Professor Uju Anya, who studies and teaches racism at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, USA, was particularly concerned. As the queen lay dying, she tweeted: “I heard that the supreme king of a thieving, raping, genocidal empire is finally dying. May their pain be unbearable.

Anya’s tweet went viral and even caught the attention of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who responded, “Is this someone working to make the world a better place? I don’t think so. Wow.”

British journalist Piers Morgan added: “You are a disgusting, disgusting idiot.”

Twitter responded and removed the professor’s hateful tweet, but he was less understanding, refusing an apology and attacking Bezos for his “ruthless greed.”

Anya was born in Nigeria, which was a British colony until 1960.

Background: When Elizabeth learned of her father’s death in 1952, Great Britain had more than 70 overseas territories and was an empire. Almost complete decolonization took place during Elizabeth’s long reign. Great Britain now has only 14 overseas territories – the largest being the Falkland Islands, which have a population of 3,000.

“Mourning the Bag of Garbage That Barely Breathes”

Professor Uju Anya was not the only one to throw too many devotional sentiments in the dying king’s face: Tirhaka Love, a columnist for the traditional “New York Magazine”, announced that she wanted to dance at Queen’s. Graveyard. “Should I mourn the loss of a bag of non-breathable garbage now? Please, don’t,” he framed. “The real world” will celebrate, the journalist said.

Imani Ghandi, a legal expert at the left-wing online magazine Rewire News, tweeted a video of a group outside Buckingham Palace jamming to the Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.” Translation: Someone bites the dust again…

“A bunch of hateful racists”

Even in the German-language Twitter cosmos, some commentators who took up the fight against “hate and hate speech” could not contain themselves and lashed out at the deceased, holding them directly responsible for the colonial crimes of the British crown. Sample: “The royal family is a bunch of vile racists with a centuries-old history of colonialism and genocide. In life, as in death, they deserve nothing but contempt. Anyone who mourns the Queen is a bad person.

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