July 3, 2022

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LG wants to partner with Apple for a second generation augmented reality and virtual reality headset

LG wants to partner with Apple for a second generation augmented reality and virtual reality headset

Apple Tim Cook

Tim Cook
picture: Spencer Platt (Getty Images)

An apple WWDC The event came and went Without any mention of an AR/VR headsetHowever, this has not slowed the flow of reports and rumors surrounding this highly anticipated product. Despite the absence of the first model, we now recognize Apple second generation Mixed reality headset.

I appreciate your collective sighs of indignation, but this latest report does not come from a random Twitter user coming out with specs and numbers. Instead, it was reported by the authoritative South Korean uniform electricitywhich claims that LG Display will try to provide a small OLED panel for Apple’s second headphone.

Why not the first model? Sony is reportedly supplying the main micro OLED panel for the original mixed reality headset while LG will provide an external OLED “indicator” display.

LG wants to get more involved and will try to overtake Sony as the primary supplier of the small OLED screen in the second generation headset. This could benefit Apple as it tries to distance itself from a potential competitor – Sony is already a major player in the VR space with its PlayStation VR headset.

LG is said to be preparing its own small OLED displays by ordering deposition equipment from Sunic System. These tools will be used to manufacture small OLED panels for Apple’s second-generation headphones.

What is micro OLED?

As The Elec explains, micro OLED superimposes an OLED layer on a silicon substrate while conventional OLED panels superimpose them to glass. By using crystalline silicon as the back panel, small OLED panels can be thinner and use less power, while still delivering excellent image quality with perfect black levels and high brightness. The micro OLED technology is expected to be the preferred technology for the upcoming mixed reality headset.

But this nascent screen technology along with other advanced features (M-series processors, two 8K displays, and dozens of sensors) doesn’t come cheap. It is said to raise the price of Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset to ridiculous 3000 dollars. This is another zero added to the price Oculus Quest 2the current leader in space.

We expected some references to AR/VR at Apple’s WWDC event last week, but that never happened. However, all rumors point to a reveal in late 2022 or early 2023 and a release in mid/late next year. If you’d rather wait for a second generation product, Apple Analyzer Expected Ming Chi Kuo Last year it will arrive in the second half of 2024 with a lighter design, improved battery life, and faster performance (and hopefully a lower price tag).

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