Libya Stabilization Act

Will Libya Stabilization Act Boost US’ Hold in the Middle East?

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To curb the nation-wide political unrest, which has severely crippled Libya’s economy, and bring stability in the MENA region, the US lawmakers introduced Libya Stabilization Act last month.

Under the act, the US will impose sanctions on individuals responsible for promoting unrest within the country, furnish a report on the involvement of foreign governments, and will also work to tackle the Russian influence.

The bill also calls for the authorities to collect and use the US resources, like humanitarian assistance to curb the nation-wide unrest and help the Libyan citizens to create a unified and stable government.

With Russia constantly undermining the US authority in the MENA region, the US is forced to tackle the move with stern actions against the NATO and a key ally in the region and risk its relations with the country.

However, the Libya Stabilization Act might prove to be a milestone in its foreign policy by bringing key measures that would prove successful in curbing one of the worst crises that hit the MENA region.

Moreover, the move could also pave the path for the US to bring out possible policies to ensure the negotiations and minimize foreign interference in the region thus, paving the path for once-dreamed stabilized MENA region.

It has been five years since the onset of the Libyan civil war, which is being fought mainly to acquire control of the entire country and its oil resources. Apart from the multiple aids to radical organizations and supply of weapons, ever-increasing Russian interference has also played a hand in worsening the crisis.

Furthermore, the foreign interference by Russia in providing arms and ammunition, rather than calling for negotiations to peacefully resolve the five-year-long conflict has further fuelled the civil war.

If the Libya Stabilization Act manages to curb the five-year-long civil war, then not only the oil-rich North African country will become a key ally of the US, but US might also be able to share and use its oil resources to minimize its oil dependency on other nations.

Since Libya and the US are members of the same multiple international organizations and if the US foreign policies can tackle the civil war, US would have a chance of improving its relations with countries like Iran also.

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