December 4, 2022

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Lisha and Danny Buchner refuse to eat the Gulbenz’s “celebrity dinner” menu

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Danny Buchner and Lisha complain about the Gulbenz’s menu on “Celebrity Dinner” (VOX). (photo gallery) © Screenshot perfect celebrity dinner 03.07.22

Danny Buchner and Lisha are at the “Perfect Celebrity Dinner” with Tamara and Marco Gulben. However, guests don’t like to be served food by reading the menu. “Cats get it,” Lisha muttered.

Mallorca – The “perfect celebrity dinner” is currently making guest appearances in Mallorca. Also present: Danny Buchner (44), Lisha (36) and Marco & Tamara Gulben, this time hosting the evening. However, both girls, Buchner and Lisha, do not like the food, and they let their hosts know it out loud.

Danny Buchner and Lisha are outraged by the Gulbenz’s popular dinner menu: “Are they trying to bait me?”

as Danny Buchner (“Goodbye Germany”; All information about Document Soap) and Lisha (“Summer House of the Stars”) are presented in advance with the menu of their two hosts (“Goodbye Germany”), both of whom loudly call out “Noooo”, they read only the appetizers. There are salmon and zucchini rolls. “I don’t eat courgettes and red peppers, what’s the point? Do they want to provoke me?” Lisha angrily calls the VOX camera.

Mood in the lowest state:
Low Temperament : Danny Buchner and Lisha don’t like the food served by the Gulbenz at “Celebrity Dinner”. © Screenshot VOX/The Perfect Celebrity Dinner 03.07.22

The main dish was a dish with pork and asparagus – another problem, this time also for Danny Buchner. “I can’t eat anything decent,” he says in advance and Lisha adds: “I freeze at the sight of something like that. I sort it out and then the cats get it.” While eating, Tamara suggests a solution to Lisha: “You can actually roll the salmon” – but Lisha is adamant: “I can’t do this. Alone, if this tastes like it, I really have a mental breakdown when it comes to it.

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Knigge suggests alternatives to coach Gülpens, Büchner and Lisha and “respect and appreciation”.

After that, Tamara Gulben says of what happened: “I was very close to leaving. But I mastered the whole thing and tried to smile” – Dani and Lisha are “strong characters” and “only in it”. Good thing her husband Marco was able to set her up in the kitchen during the backstage episode.

An etiquette coach assesses the situation at VOX, proposing on the one hand to offer alternatives as a guest, on the other hand to maintain “respect and compliments” as a guest and “not to nag in general, but simply to see: ‘What’s up?” . Danni Büchner recently revealed what she thinks about her late husband Jens attending the “Celebrity Dinner.”. Sources used: perfect celebrity dinner, 03.07.22