December 10, 2022

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Lobster diver Michael Backard tells what it was like to be inside a humpback whale

Michael Packard, who claims to have been swallowed by a whale while fishing for crabs, has announced details of his accident on the Redd website. His son Jacob answered users’ questions for him.

In the “Ask Me All” questionnaire on the Reddit platform, lobster fisherman Michael Packard told the details of his dramatic event. He was swallowed by a humpback whale on Friday.

His wife and children would have been his “final thoughts” when he was inside the humpback whale. The whale suddenly came from behind and then felt it and disappeared from the throat. He could not smell or feel anything because his diving suit protected him, and he also had his diving mask on.

It was completely dark so he could not see anything. Packard’s main concern is whether he will suffocate or drown. The diver felt the whale move and may have swum a few meters with it. His body pressed against the water. The biggest fear is that a shark will attack itself in the first place.

His intention was that the whale was finally freed from the foreign body by moving his head and tongue. When he spat out, he saw only white spray, and then the humpback whale’s paddle swam.

Already barely survived

In his work as a lobster fisherman, he dives incessantly, and from time to time he also sees whales, but from a distance. They usually kept their distance.

This is not the first time Michael Packard has escaped a dramatic event. He has already survived a plane crash, according to his son – a scar on his back still testifies to it today. It is not new that there are surprises underwater: Packard said he found a body while diving.

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