Localities Form “Sanctuaries” to Defy Gun Control Law

Localities Form “Sanctuaries” to Defy Gun Control Law

in Virginia

A fight that has intensified since the House Democrats took over, Gun control law and the raging anger against the move has prompted hundreds of counties and localities to declare themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries”. A national movement that is growing against the Virginia House lawmakers and vowing to push back the Democrats.

The idea of Democrats is to impose background checks and “red flag” laws that would give officials the power to seize guns from people considered to pose danger.

However, this has lest impressed counties, who support the gun rights. Scores of people gathered in Richmond last week to protest against gun control law, while 91 out of 95 counties in Virginia have already called themselves “sanctuaries”.

Other than Virginia, other localities around the nation have shown gush to be a part of anti-gun control law. Numerically, it reached 83 counties that declared themselves as Second Amendment sanctuaries this month, joining 131 other, who made the decision last month.

The growing movement has derived its name from cities that have announced themselves as “sanctuaries” for undocumented immigrants. A direct contradiction to the immigration laws regulated by the Trump Administration.

“When a state starts denying the constitutionally protected rights of its citizens, then it is completely legitimate for officials at lower levels to step in and protect citizens,” said Erich Pratt, the senior vice president of Guns Owners of America. Gun Owners is primarily a leading national organization of the movement, which is engaged in organizing citizen petitions.

Meanwhile, the localities that declare themselves as sanctuaries immune themselves from a broad range of states. The scenario means having stronger protections for gun owners from states such as Kentucky and Texas and from gun control laws given by states such as Illinois, New Jersey and Oregon.

Recently, DeSoto became the first county in Mississippi to pass a resolution in order to protect itself against gun control laws, by declaring itself a Second Amendment “safe haven” so no confusion arises because of the word sanctuary with immigration movement.

“It is 100 percent driven by the events that are happening in Virginia,” State Republican Dana Criswell said. “That has really scared people that events like that – they see gun owners there under a very direct attack,” he added.

However, the announcement marks a legal provocation by Republicans, which has been shunned by advocates and those who support the law. In Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam raised alarm that it is necessary for the state law enforcement officers to enforce state laws.

The case of gun control has been continuously debated for years. However, with the rise of rebels and formation of sanctuaries, the effectiveness of this law still has to be tested.

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