December 5, 2022

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London: A false whale was euthanized in the Thames

The whale, which returned to the London Thames over the weekend, has been euthanized by experts for its ill health.

“We can confirm that the minke whale was euthanized with humanity at the Tenkington Boot after the animal was trapped in a nearby dam,” the aid organization British Divers Marine Life Rescue wrote on their Facebook page Monday evening.

The whale, about four meters long, was in the southwest over the weekend for reasons already unknown London In A lock appeared.

Before being euthanized, the whale moved quietly into the water at Tettington Boot in Richmond County. From there it is about 50 km to the open sea. On Sunday, the whale appeared in a nearby lock, where hundreds of spectators watched the hour-long rescue operation. However, the young Mink whale was able to escape from the rescue – on Monday afternoon he returned to Richmond and went a little further.

It is not initially clear why the domestic animal, usually in the North Atlantic, swam up to the Thames. Maybe it was fishing that followed North Sea Went into the river and got lost. An examination after euthanasia should provide information on why the whale’s health deteriorated so quickly.

The lock in Richmond is the most downward still to feel the waves of the North Sea. To get there from the Thames Garden, the whale must have swum through the city center with Parliament and the famous tower.

Whales swim in the river again and again

Mink whales, also known as minke whales, are among the smallest representatives of baleen whales and can reach up to nine meters in body length. They are widespread in the seas of the Northern Hemisphere and are not considered dangerous.

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This is not the first time a whale has lost its way in the London Thames. The famous “Thames Whale”, also known as the Willy, is a northern duck whale that was spotted in the river in January 2006 but has not been able to recover alive. In 2019, two dead whales were discovered within a short time in the Thames, but they were very close to the garden.