January 29, 2023

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London: Fire near Acton Town underground station – large-scale fire brigade – Overseas News

Meter-high flames hit the London evening sky!

A fire broke out in a car workshop west of the British capital – a few meters from the Acton Town underground station. As announced on Twitter, the fire brigade was called at 6:10 pm (German time) and stopped with 70 emergency services and ten vehicles.

Firefighters are currently cooling several gas cylinders on the workshop site to prevent them from exploding. Rescuers are expected to be busy until late at night. Residents should keep their windows closed.

It is not yet clear what caused the fire and whether people were injured. The subway station was evacuated and the roads around it were closed. According to the BBC, the Piccadilly route between Hammersmith and Oxbridge is in disarray. An eyewitness described the scene on the Mylandon news portal as “apocalyptic”.

Several Londoners posted footage of the fire on Twitter:

The last major underground fire in London in June

The last major fire was near the London Underground in June 2021. At that moment, an explosion erupted at a height of seven meters from the faade of a shop near the “Elephant and Fortress” train station – a car workshop was still on fire. Cause of fire: Hazardous chemicals stored in the workshop.

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Firefighters arrived with 15 fire trucks and 100 emergency services. Two hours later, she brought the situation under control. Six people were injured in the incident, two of them inhaling smoke.