December 10, 2022

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LONDON: Thunderstorms cause traffic chaos

The summer heat was followed by lightning, thunder, and above all, a lot of rain. Heavy rain and thunderstorms lashed the area on Sunday London Caused traffic chaos. Many roads, subway stations and a subway were closed due to flooding. According to the BBC, among others.

A station on the Docklands Light Railway in Stratford was deep under water, as can be seen in the pictures of the “Sky News” station. Many videos also show how buses and cars are slowed down by numerous videos. In many parts of the city this led to major delays in traffic. Authorities advised him to stay at home if possible.

The fire brigade spoke of several hundred calls in the early hours of the morning about entire foundations or flooded streets. The mayor in the southeast of England has warned of further flooding in many parts of the country Sadiq Khan People were urged not to drive or run into the flood by car or bicycle.

Two hospitals in east London said in the evening that their emergency rooms had been affected by the storm. If possible, patients should switch to other clinics.

28-year-old cyclist B.A. He told the UK News Agency he was born and raised in London, but had never seen anything like it in the city.

The situation will ease in the coming days

Meteorologists had warned of lightning strikes and flooding, with up to four inches of rain forecast in some areas – more than twice the July average. However, in the coming days, a few rains and thundershowers are expected to ease the situation.

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About two weeks ago, violent storms following a heat wave in the British capital caused significant traffic disruptions and firefighting operations.