February 4, 2023

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LSU CB Derek Stingley Jr.  Recovering from Lisfranc's injury, he won't make it to the NFL

LSU CB Derek Stingley Jr. Recovering from Lisfranc’s injury, he won’t make it to the NFL

Indianapolis – LSU Back Corner Derek Stingley Jr. He provided the definitive answer on Saturday as to why the 2021 season ended in September and why he won’t play sports on Saturday night in the NFL Scouting Association.

Stingley, Todd McShie’s No. 7 overall in the draft and No. 6 quarterback for Mel Keeper Jr., said Saturday morning that he tore a ligament in his left foot — an injury to Leverfrank — ahead of LSU’s Week 4 game against Mississippi State this Saturday. Last season, he underwent surgery on September 26.

Stingley said, “My rehab is ahead of schedule at the moment… I’m in such a hurry to do what I have to do on pro day.”

Stingley said he has had a “four to six month” recovery schedule and will not be involved in the defensive line-back’s fieldwork on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Scheduled to be April 6, LSU Professional Day is one of the most recent on-campus professional days for the following month.

“I got close to almost 100 percent, now I start running, I start making two pots, smashing the slopes, and that’s the reality I am in,” Stingley said.

Asked if any team had expressed concerns about his footing during interviews at the pool, Stingley said: “Nothing.”

Staff executives initially hoped to see Stingley work on the set in recent weeks, but Saturday is believed to be the first time Stingley has spoken publicly about the extent of the foot injury.

From a football perspective, many of the league’s talent evaluators say Stingley’s best season at LSU was in 2019 when, as a true rookie, he was a second-placed All-American and All-SEC and SEC newcomer of the year with six interceptions. And 21 defensive passes. Stingley has not had any interceptions in the 2020 COVID-19 season or in the three games he played last season.

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Through it all, Stingley said he still thinks he’s still the best corner in this draft.

“Because I know myself and I know that when I am at my best, I am greatest,” Stingley said.