December 10, 2022

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Lukashenko sends refugees: Mass rush to Polish border – politics abroad

Dramatic pictures of the border between Belarus (Belarus) and Poland!

Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko (67) is sending more than a thousand refugees to the border. Now the Polish government fears a mass upheaval. The crisis meeting began in Warsaw at noon.

Current aerial photographs show the situation on the border of Belarus and PolandPhoto: MON_GOV_PL / Twitter

Videos from Belarus show large groups being dragged along a motorway near Brest in the west of the country. Among others, hundreds of people wander through the woods of Pyaloviza National Park, north of Brest.

There are similar reports from the north of the country.

Hundreds of migrants are currently walking towards the Polish border on a highway in Belarus

Hundreds of migrants are currently walking towards the Polish border on a highway in BelarusPhoto: @ nexta_tv / Twitter

Poland calls border warning

Polish warns on border! The government’s crisis committee has been advising the government in Warsaw since noon. Title: Mass Progress Expected by Border Immigrants! Question: How should the Polish border guards respond to this?

︎ ︎ In fact, it was an attack on the border with the neighboring state of Belarus. Lukashenko has flown as refugees for months from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Africa and Asia. Objective: To send you illegally across the border into the West, especially to destabilize Lithuania, Poland and Germany.

Lukashenko made the announcement after the European Union closed Belarus’ airspace for flights seeking to land in Europe.

Lukashenko currently flies among targeted immigrants from Damascus and Istanbul. Most of them are now through Moscow – with the active help and cover of the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin.

Now, according to BILD information from Minsk, Lukashenko authorities have made the capital “non-immigrant”: everyone who flew to Minsk via networks of smugglers must now cross the Polish border in one fell swoop.

The pictures are reminiscent of 2015

The pictures are reminiscent of photos taken on September 3 and 4, 2015 in Hungary and Austria. At the time, thousands of refugees stranded in Budapest were on their way to Austria.

At that time, Germany and Austria decided to open borders to immigrants – the beginning of the refugee crisis.

Today Poland has again tightened security measures on the border with Belarus. The emergency for the border area was last extended to October 60 – initially for 60 days.

What are the Polish border guards doing in the face of the crowd and an attempt to break the border – or multiple attempts?

Poland: 12,000 soldiers and anti-terrorism units have been suspended

Polish border guards spokeswoman Ewelina Szczepanska said on Monday morning that the presence of border guards, police and army at the border had increased. Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blassak spoke at noon about the 12,000 soldiers stationed at the border.

The Polish Interior Ministry released a video on Twitter on Monday showing a breakthrough attempt at the border at lunchtime – security forces pushed back the early settlers.

Border guards have sent anti-terrorist units to the Belarusian border to strengthen the situation.

Polish security officials spokesman Stanislav Zarin posted a video on Twitter showing hundreds of people walking down a street. “Very disturbing information from across the border,” Jarin added.

Poland has so far resisted most attempts to cross the border into immigration, pushing the wounded straight into Belarus.

Refugees want to go to Germany

Video footage from the Belarusian side of the border at noon showed the border fence for Poland being partially torn. In its place, Polish security forces built a wall with protective shields, and Polish officials also used the helicopter.

The refugees shouted “Germany, Germany” (Deutschland) and tried to allow border guards to cross the border. Your dream destination: Germany.

Warsaw and the EU consider the attack on the Polish border to be an organized move by the Belarusian government, which seeks to destabilize the EU in retaliation for Western sanctions.

In Germany – especially in Brandenburg – there are currently 1000 immigrants arriving daily via Poland. According to the Federal Police, there were 993 unauthorized entrances through Belarus on the German-Polish border in the first week of November. There are a total of 8,833 border crossings in the current year.

Polish border guards reported hostile behavior and threats from Belarusian forces that crossed the border against Polish forces.

Lithuania is also sending troops to its border with Belarus to prepare for the possible arrival of migrants. Lithuanian Interior Minister Agne Pilot announced on Monday. He said the cabinet would discuss whether a state of emergency would be declared in the border area.

The Lithuanian defense minister spoke on Twitter about a “hybrid attack” on the Polish border and called for joint action by EU countries.

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