September 28, 2022

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Lukoil boss Rawil Maganov died after falling from a clinic window in Moscow Politics

He ran one of Putin’s biggest energy companies |

Fall from the hospital window! Russian oil magnate dies

Another mysterious death among Putin’s top managers!

Russian news agency Interfax reported on Thursday that Lukoil boss Rawil Maganov, 67, died after falling from a Moscow hospital window.

Police have launched investigations, and according to Russian propaganda media, the most likely cause is suicide. At the hospital, Magano was reportedly diagnosed with heart problems and depression.

But his death raises questions – and it does not seem accidental: Lukoil was actually one of the first Russian companies. Russian invasion expressed and called for an end to the war.

Makhanov has worked at the second-largest Russian oil company since 1993 and became chairman in 2020. He was a close associate of one of Lukoil’s founders, Vagit Alekpero. Alekperov resigned as president of Lukoil in April after the UK imposed sanctions against Russia. Ukraine war It froze his assets and imposed a travel ban on him.

Magano’s death was not the first of those RussiaTop managers since the outbreak of war against Ukraine (February 24): According to media reports, Makhanov was preceded in May Lukoil manager Alexander Subodin Reportedly died during occult treatment due to alcoholism.

In addition, several managers of Russian energy companies have died since the beginning of the year. They are also said to have committed suicide. In a video interview posted on YouTube in late April, Igor Volobuyev, the longtime vice president of Gazprom Bank, suspected these were suicides.

Not long ago, Volobuyev said he wanted to flee to Ukraine and fight Russian troops there.


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