December 3, 2022

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Maga Dubes loses his bullshit on Lizzo playing James Madison's crystal flute

Maga Dubes loses his bullshit on Lizzo playing James Madison’s crystal flute

Conservative media stars and far-right agitators found their latest fury this week when pop star Lizzo delighted concert-goers by playing a 200-year-old crystal flute once owned by former President James Madison.

Rather than appreciating the skilled and classically trained flautist who parades an invaluable piece of American history for her fans, right-wing critics saw Lizzo’s performance as an act of “soft totalitarianism” intended to “insult our history.”

Before showing off the delicate instrument at a Tuesday night show in Washington, D.C., Lizzo was invited by the Library of Congress To check out his collection of more than 1,700 flutes – including the Madison flute, which was given to the founding father in 1813 as a gift from French flute maker Claude Laurent.

After trying the flute, she was given permission to play briefly during her concert this week, as the National Library sent Capitol Police and staff as security measures to monitor the rare artifact. By sharing the history of the flute with her audience, the “Truth Hurts” singer let the audience know that she was “the first person to ever play it” and how she “fell in fear” while doing so.

“It’s the crystal. She said before carefully playing a note, which caused the crowd to roar. Lizzo blew out a few more notes, even throwing her trademark on while playing.”

“Bitch, you just played a 19th century James Madison crystal flute. We just made history tonight!” Lizzo declared excitedly as she folded the flute over her head. “The history is great!”

While a lot of files Online reaction And the in the media Positive, the usual scars of right-wing scolding and fanatical reactionaries jumped throughout Black Star’s performance to suggest it was indicative of further deterioration in society due to the awakening.

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“The Library of Congress really brought out a 200-year-old flute that once belonged to James Madison just so Lizzo can piss it off,” croaker Greg Price, former Daily Caller editor-turned-GOP activist. “They degrade our history and then call you a racist if you really appreciate it.”

The Columbia Bugle, a popular MAGA social media account, was outraged by the musician playing Madison’s crystal flute, announcing “We’ll allow Kid Rock fans to browse on Obama’s presidential photo” if and when Republicans take back the White House.

“Rite of humiliation. They don’t care about our history,” Trumpet Wrote in another Tweet. “They just want to make fun of her and defile her.”

Conservative radio host Jesse Kelly, who predicted that the American right would “Choose a fascist“Taking the play even further, unlike Anti-abortion activist arrested for assault With Lizzo playing a crystal flute, it’s very possible that he never knew of its existence before yesterday.

“If you can tell the connection between a peaceful man’s house raid who offered to turn himself in and an anti-American singer uttering the flute for James Madison, congratulations,” Spread. “You know what’s going on and what time it is now.”

Anti-trans activist And the Expert Matt Walshat the same time, smoked That the Awakened Left believes the show was “a form of racist revenge” and that there is no doubt that this is part of the reason the Library of Congress facilitated this spectacle.

The fanatical podcaster casually grumbled that Lizzo was “a fat cranky crank in a thong” and that he “wouldn’t care if it was an honor for her,” Tell another Twitter user It is “not at all intended” that she was a “very talented musician” who took an appropriate “level of care” while handling the instrument.

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Chief Walsh, Conservative journalist King Ben ShapiroIt also chimes with a pseudo-philosophical view of the so-called scandal.

“This Lizzo-flute controversy is a great example of what I’ve called the Face Tattoo Phenomenon™: the phenomenon in which someone intentionally does something controversial in an attempt to get attention, and then acts offended when you notice,” Tweeted.

Shapiro, who seems to be always And the Annoying offended by black pop musicians and rappers, Then he added: “If all we’d seen had been a clip of Lizzo playing the flute in the halls of the Library of Congress while in semi-modest costume, everyone would have shrugged. But that’s not the clip that everyone defended as a pioneer: it was the clip in which she bragged about twerking” .

Shapiro Keep the anger flowing For his podcast listeners on Thursday, he complains that Lizzo was taking a machine that “speaks to some kind of delicacy of America’s founders” and puts it in a “tacky context.” “It’s a vulgarity of American history,” he added, driving home.

Somewhat surprisingly, Fox News has so far shied away from this right-wing cycle of outrage. But competitors wanting to acquire the cable giant’s conservative television have jumped on it.

More on One America News, Struggle A pro-Trump conspiracy channel Recently, almost all cable and satellite service providers have been losthost Kara McKinney insisted that Lizzo twerking was the harbinger of democracy’s death.

“Remember last night when we talked about soft totalitarianism, which is actually called liberal democracy,” McKinney confirmed Wednesday night. “Well, keep that in mind as you watch Lizzo twerk make fun of the Founding Fathers and their ideals.”

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Newsmax host Jane Pellegrino, Previous OAN hosted itselfdemanded to know when there would be “a separation between entertainment and liveliness” as a sketch went on air: “Sorry, James Madison.”

Claiming that “many people are angry”, Pellegrino also argued that “if you are complicit in the liberal agenda” you will be “rewarded” with such honor as playing Madison’s crystal flute. The Newsmax star then turned to her guest, Turning Point USA contributor John Root, who said it was “amazing and brave” for “fat celebrities who think she persecuted twerking.”