AGT season 13 winner - Shin Lim

Magician Shin Lim Becomes the Ultimate Champ of AGT’s Season 13

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One of the favorite reality shows of the United States, America’s Got Talent(AGT) concluded its Season 13 and crowned the winner– the incredible close up magician, Shin Lim.

A Canadian-American magician, Lim is recognized for his skills of card manipulation and sleight of hand. In his act, he documented his journey of becoming a magician.

He revealed about being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both his hands when he was 19. Besides, he had to quit his dream of becoming a concert pianist, and pick his hobby of magic more seriously, which eventually turned into his passion.

The act moved on to some mind-bending close-up card tricks, with Tyra Banks. From sleight of hand to changing the number with mental magic, the entire performance mesmerized the audience as well as the judges. Moreover, all the four judges gave him a standing ovation.

Judge Simon Cowell said, “Oh, my God Shin. You have been consistently great. I had one criticism, your lack of showmanship. Tonight, you proved me wrong. The whole presentation and seeing something I have never seen before in my life, you could actually win.”

Agreeing to Simon, Howie Mandel said, “That was a $1 million act worthy of your own show. You took something so small and made it effortless and sexy. I loved everything about this. This is a winning act.”

Heidi Klum commented, “You are one of the best close up magicians I have seen, not just here, but anywhere. Nothing would make me happier than if you would get the million dollars tomorrow.”

Awestruck by Lim’s tricks, Mel B said, “Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Tyra could have picked any card. It could have been anything and you made an entire act out of what Tyra picked. Magic does exist. You proved it.”

Shin Lim trick

While Shin Lim was the winner, the runner-up was an extraordinary acrobatic dance group Zurcaroh, which transformed the entire AGT’s stage into a jungle for their finale act. It was a tribal routine on ‘Baba Yetu’ by Christopher Tin.The act told a story of peace between two cultures, which including plenty of breath-taking lifts and human jump rope.

The performance by Zurcaroh brought everyone to their feet, including the four judges, and received the loudest applause from the live audience.Mel B said, “I have a funny feeling that you can win this entire show.”Klum added that the group is “ready for Vegas.”

After live performance show on Tuesday, Shin Lim won maximum votes from the viewers. He survived against nine other finalists during the two-hour long season finale on Wednesday. He will receive a $1 million prize, along with a headliner status for a November “AGT” show in Las Vegas.

As the credits rolled, Lim told the audience, “Thank you so much, everyone. I love you all so much.”

The Season 13 of this incredible show welcomed some unbelievable talents. We’ll have to see what the next season will have in store to trounce this one!

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