December 10, 2022

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Mallorca Corona risk area again – New rule applies on the island

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Mallorca is considered a dangerous area – the new rule on the island

Corona: Mallorca fights a large number of infections

Corona: Mallorca fights a large number of infections

Spain meets the fifth corona wave. This means that the popular holiday island of Mallorca is on the verge of tourism. The island is battling a fast-growing epidemic.

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Like all Spain, Mallorca is once again becoming a dangerous area. Find out how high the new infections are and current events here.

Palma de Mallorca.

  • After Corona numbers soared, Mallorca and Spain were again declared risk areas
  • What does it mean to vacation on a popular holiday island?
  • Meanwhile, the Balearic government is introducing a new rule to combat the spread of the corona virus

It has an up and down standard: sometimes they glow Corona– Numbers explode in Mallorca, then they drop again and Holiday Island is considered a showcase. However, there is little room at this point in this recent positive development.

On July 8, the Balearic Ministry of Health reported 358 new infections with the corona virus in Mallorca. Spain. The Current event 100,000 citizens were added to Mallorca on Thursday 127.2. There are a total of 200 events in Spain, especially among young Spaniards whose delta variation is highly widespread.

Meanwhile, as reported by “Mallorca-Jeetung”, the delta variant is also the island’s dominant variant.

Spain should become a dangerous area again – including Mallorca

Holiday island event limit is over 50. This Friday, the Robert Koch Company (R.K.I.) To Spain Risk area Explains how our teachers have previously learned from government teachers. This means that the Balearic Islands will once again become a high-risk area. More about: Spain risk area – what does this mean for my vacation?

For vacationers, that means they can look forward to the holidays Mallorca Have to go into self-isolation for ten days. Upon entering the country, they must show a negative test result. Home isolation can be completed in advance if there is a negative test result, evidence of recovery or evidence of vaccination Entrance portal Sent to Federal Republic.

Mallorca: Holidays are possible with some restrictions

On the island, corona rules have so far been relatively relaxed. Restaurants and bars are open until 2 a.m., no curfew is ordered. Most contact restrictions were lifted by court order. The The mask is needed Valid only to a certain extent in the open. Read here: How British tourists can be at risk for a Mallorca vacation.

to what extent Restrictions The fact that it is so low in the number of cases currently on the rise seems to be the least questionable. The Foreign Office was already noisy last week “Mallorca newspaper“The situation on the island is” being closely monitored, “he said.

New rule in Mallorca and Balearic Islands

The government of the Balearic Islands has canceled the initial initiatives currently planned. Clubs and discos are not currently open – there is a new rule: liquor should not be sold until 10pm on Saturday (July 10), as announced by government spokesman Ico Neguerla on Wednesday evening. Bars and restaurants are excluded. You can continue to serve alcohol until it closes at 2 p.m.

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