September 26, 2022

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Mallorca: Rising gas costs – travel providers now love our pensioners | Money

Survive the gas crisis? |

Mallorca attracts retirees with big discounts

Avoid sky-high heating bills by wintering under the Mallorcan sun – why not? If you want to keep your gas bill under control in Germany, thanks to the relevant offers from travel providers. Among other things, Mallorca is now beginning to attract long-term holidaymakers.

The Association of Independent Self-employed Travel Agents (VUSR) had already presented a controversial proposal in May. VUSR president Marija Linhoff argued at the time: “Seniors can always add vacation expenses to their regular expenses, you can register GEZ, turn off the heat, and you don’t have to count money for food. Many hotels have good deals, especially in winter.

Literally: like them Majorca newspaper It is now reported that there are attractive offers with long-term discounts – and senior citizens in particular should be particularly attracted to them for reasons of time.

► Ingo Burmester from DER Touristik gave the newspaper an example that turns every young family with children green with envy. Burmester says 64 percent of Mallorca hotels in DER Touristik’s portfolio have such discounts. For example, in one of these hotels, 42 nights will cost only 1649 euros per person – that is, 39 euros per day.

Burmester: “Anyone who can set it up at the right time will benefit from longer stays abroad, milder climates and lower additional costs.” Canary Islands, Mallorca, Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt and so on are the most popular places to stay. Thailand.

Tour operators such as Tui or FTI also offer long-term discounts – but without explicitly pointing out the possibility of saving gas. Long vacations have become a common trend – due to the effects of the corona pandemic, as many employees move their home office to a warmer location.

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FTI’s Manuel Morales told the Mallorca Zeitung: “We think interest will increase here in the coming weeks.”

Beware of a hasty escape to the south

However, by early May, there was opposition to the travel agency’s proposal. For example, NRW Economy Minister Andreas Pinkwart (62, FDP), warned the “Rheinische Post”: “If more people leave Germany in the winter, this will lead to a loss of purchasing power.”

Jana Schimke (43, CDU) warned: “Despite government subsidies, only a few pensioners can bear the double burden of ongoing rents at home and have to stay abroad.” In addition, according to Schimke, it cannot be quantified. will be saved in the end.

Although the third relief package of the federal government requires a one-off payment of 300 euro for the elderly, those who wish to travel should remember: Fixed costs in Germany (e.g. rent, insurance, taxes) remain despite cheaper offers abroad. Also: heating systems should not be completely turned off in winter – there is a risk of bursting water pipes.