December 5, 2022

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Mallorca: Up to 41 degrees on the island – heat alarm! – News abroad

Palma de Mallorca – Many nights, dusty dry days and the sea is as hot as a bathtub: on Germany’s most popular holiday island, vacationers really need to sweat. The temperature rises to 41 degrees.

Heat Warning in Majorca!

In large parts of the island, authorities declared the second highest alert level “orange”. People were asked not to go on excursions. According to officials, four German climbers had to be rescued from the mountains of Tramundana on Wednesday as they went without water in the scorching heat.

The Mallorca Meteorological Service announced the highest wildfire alert level for almost all parts of the island. Excessive heat threatens. The barbecue fire has been banned until further notice.

According to meteorologists, the thermometer at Palma de Mallorca does not drop below 27 degrees Celsius at night. In the center of the island around the Inca, temperatures are expected to reach 41 degrees.

As “Mallorca Newspaper” As the Sahara dust continues to spread across the island, the sky is cloudless, but foggy. At a water temperature of 29 degrees, the Mediterranean Sea does not provide any cooling – it is like a bathtub. Above all: a maximum of 33 degrees is expected on the beaches around Palerman.

A heat wave threatens Shinkenstrass, even at night the thermometer never drops below 27 degreesPhoto: Imego Images / Chris Emil Johnson

Sweating all over Spain

Across Spain, the worst summer heat wave still left millions sweating. On Friday, values ​​rose above 40 degrees in many parts of the country, including the capital Madrid. Aemet Meteorological Service reported 46.1 degrees Celsius in the Andalusian province of Crdoba on Friday afternoon. The national record set in C 2017rdoba in July 2017 was 46.9 degrees. “Saturday will be the worst day. There is no denying that the record will be broken,” an Aemet spokesman said.

Aemet issued a red alert for several parts of Andalusia by Monday. Severe heat also affects Spanish winemakers. In the Castile-La Manza area, they have to start harvesting grapes – which usually starts in September – early Friday. The grapes were already very ripe, it was said.

The intense heat wave is expected to end on Monday.

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