December 10, 2022

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Mallorca Vacation: Corona Increase Increases – The island becomes a more eventful area


Mallorca: The island is becoming a more eventful area – the phenomenon is increasing

Mallorca: Concerned about the end of the season

Mallorca: Concerned about the end of the season

Mallorca, a popular holiday home among Germans, has been struggling to increase corona case numbers. Many travelers are concerned about the question of whether they can even take the long-awaited vacation.

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A corona wave is rolling over Mallorca. This event is now over 440. Apparently the peak has not yet been reached.

Palma de Mallorca.

  • The seven-day incident in Mallorca has already broken 400 points
  • In Spain as a whole, the number of cases is exploding
  • The federal government wants to declare Spain and Mallorca the most vulnerable areas on Friday

Mallorca There has been a dramatic increase in corona numbers. After several months of silence, the number and number of new infections rose at the start of the holiday season.

Even if it is with Corona vaccines On the island and inside Spain Moving fast, the numbers are increasing sharply every day. On Tuesday, a total of 882 new infections were reported in the Balearic Islands, of which 644 were in Mallorca, according to “Mallorca Jeetung”.

Mallorca: The current seven-day event

By Thursday, the seven-day incident in Mallorca was over 440 Cases per 100,000 population. On Wednesday, there were 518 new infections reported in Mallorca, up from 358.

Authorities expect the peak Corona-Where the wave Delta-variation There are already more than 85 percent of corona cases, which can only be reached in one to two weeks, it continues. Many fear that the holiday season in Mallorca will end.

According to official figures from health officials, more than 68 percent of the island’s population has now received the first injection of their corona vaccine, and nearly 55 percent have already received the second dose – but the number of new infections is increasing rapidly every day. Island health officials are overwhelmed by the discovery of contact, Isolated hotel in Mallorca at full capacity.

New corona rules in Mallorca

To bring the situation back under control Mallorca has tightened its corona rules:

  • Beaches and parks should be closed from 10pm to 6am in the future to combat outdoor feasts and drinks, especially among young people.
  • Restaurants in Mallorca will also have to close a little earlier in the future, from 1am to 2am instead of 2am.
  • A maximum of four people are allowed to sit inside a table at a table and eight outside.
  • According to the newspaper, only people living in the same house are allowed to meet from 1am to 6am.
  • Hotel or Finca guests staying together should be considered a home away from home.

According to “Mallorca Jeetung”, citing radio station IP3, about 30 percent of hotel bookings so far have been canceled due to the Corona situation. Over the past few weeks, there have been significantly fewer bookings from Germany, said Maria Frontera, president of the hotel association FEHM.

Is Spain becoming a more vulnerable part?

Now comes the next step for tourists: the federal government wants everything for Spain – including Mallorca – Announce that this is the most eventful area on Friday. Even In other parts of Spain, the number of corona is increasing sharply – According to the latest statistics from our editorial board, this event was last 378 – it will be. Isolation for non-vaccinated holiday makers is mandatory once they return home. This can be completed after five days with a negative test for Govit-19.

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