January 28, 2023

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Man caught with bow and arrow: dead and wounded in a frenzy in Norway

The man was caught with a bow and arrow

People killed and injured in violence in Norway

In Kansberg, west of Oslo, a man runs unconscious with a bow and arrow. According to a media report, he killed five people. The culprit has now been caught and his motive is not yet clear.

Violence in Kansberg, southern Norway, left 5 people dead and 2 injured on Wednesday evening. Police have arrested a man believed to be an isolated offender. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station in Kansberg, about 80 kilometers southwest of the capital, Oslo. Police say the culprit was armed with a bow and arrow – and it remains to be seen whether he carried other weapons with him. No more looking for culprits. The situation is under control. The center is curved around a large area.

Police chief Ivind Ass said several people complained to police at around 6.13pm that an armed man was moving through the city and shooting people with a bow and arrow. The operation took place at several locations in the center of Kansberg. Many media outlets announced a supermarket as a place of activity.

The background to this process is not yet fully known. Very soon to say that there could be a terrorist background. Ass stressed that many more questions could not be answered.

Police are temporarily armed

A resident of Kansberg said he heard the NTB news agency sound an alarm in a supermarket. She didn’t think much of it. But then she also asked for police cars and an ambulance. In the evening, police searched garages and backyards in the city center with flashing lights.

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“This is a tragedy for everyone involved. I have no words,” Carrie Anne Sand, mayor of Kansberg, told the Verdun gang in the Norwegian newspaper. Outgoing Prime Minister Erna Solberg expressed her condolences to relatives and victims. “The reports from Kansberg tonight are terrible,” Solberg told a news conference shortly afterwards. “The perpetrator committed horrific acts against many. This is a very dramatic situation, which is severely affecting the community in Kansberg.” It is necessary to underline that nothing is known about this incident.

The Police Directorate announced late in the evening that the police were temporarily armed due to the incident. This is a precautionary measure – there is currently no change in the threatening situation in the country. The incident was reported to the Norwegian Secret Service BST.

The incident brings back bad memories: Ten years ago Norway suffered the worst terrorist attack in its modern history. On July 22, 2011, right-wing terrorist Anders Berring Breivik planted a bomb hidden in a van in the white district of Oslo, killing eight people. He then flew to the island of Udaya, about 30 kilometers away, where he pretended to be a police officer and opened fire on participants at the Social Democratic Workers’ Party’s youth organization’s annual summer camp. 69 people, mostly youths and youths, were killed in Udaya. Breivik named his actions right-wing extremist and Islamophobic motives. In August 2012 he was sentenced to a maximum of 21 years in prison and a minimum of ten years in prison.

The incident comes ahead of a change of government in Norway, a Scandinavian non-EU country: on Thursday, Social Democrat Jonas Kahr Store will present his cabinet in Oslo in the afternoon.

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