February 2, 2023

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Man swallows cell phone: Doctor takes Nokia 3310 from prisoner’s stomach – News Abroad

The Nokia 3310 is considered an indestructible cult phone.

The phone came to market in 2000. 21 years later, the name of the device that many fans affectionately refer to as “brick” is spreading around the world again.

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The reason: a lizard from Kosovo recently swallowed the Nokia 3310. Gastroenterologist (expert on human digestive system) Skander took the cellphone out of the stomach of a Telugu patient. He posted photos and video of the insane act on his Facebook page.

Here’s the thing: three pieces expelled from a man’s stomach. The paper in the battery was already outPhoto: Private

The related story goes like this: During his transfer to Skander Telugu, 33-year-old prisoner received a message that he had to remove an object from his stomach. Regular – really. According to the doctor, he did not even think it was a cell phone.

The “brick” had already been in the man’s stomach for four days. Finally, the prisoner was admitted to a gastrointestinal hospital in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, due to severe pain.

You don’t see it often: a cell phone case in a person’s digestive tract

You don’t see it often: a cell phone case in a person’s digestive tractPhoto: Private

There it landed at Skander Telugu’s desk. With the help of a team of several people, without surgery, he expelled the toxin from the stomach in three parts.

So the Nokia 3310 left the same way that it entered the human body – i.e. through the mouth. After a two-hour show on Facebook, the doctor concluded: “No problems.”

It is not known how the phone, which ranged in size from 113 to 48 to 22 millimeters, first got into the prisoner’s stomach. According to the media report, the patient should know what he is doing.

One thing is clear: action is not entirely harmless. “The corrosive battery acid may have leaked into his stomach,” the doctor said. “It was like walking through a tunnel, but thankfully everything went smoothly.”

After the endoscopy, the 33-year-old was sent back to prison.

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