December 10, 2022

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Mandatory vaccination for teachers and educators? “Compliant with the Constitution”

IIn the fight for higher corona vaccination rates, the need for compulsory health is becoming louder for some professional groups. “We need a mandatory vaccination for staff in day care centers and schools,” said Wolfram Hen, a member of the German Ethics Council. “Rainich Post”. “Anyone who joins a group of people who may be affected by choosing a career has a special responsibility related to the job.”

Above all, teachers and educators must protect children under the age of twelve who are not vaccinated. They are at risk of becoming seriously ill with covit.

However, one should expect that they will carry the virus into their families and attack people from risk groups who cannot be vaccinated due to ongoing treatment.

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But can such a duty be enforced even for employees? “As long as the legislature acts accurately and maintains proportions, it will be in line with the Constitution,” says Gregor Dosing, Professor of Labor Law. “Everything that one can reject in terms of legal policy cannot be killed with an unconstitutional club.”

A sample of the mandatory measles vaccine already exists. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that this compulsion does not violate human rights. Even with the corona vaccine, Dosing says the constitution is less than what makes sense in terms of legal policy.

In severe cases, there is a risk of termination

Other European countries are already more into this. Italy, for example, has already vaccinated some employees, while France is currently considering it, especially for health and nursing staff.

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However, in addition to the legislature, employers also have the opportunity to request immunizations for employees in certain areas. Tsing says there is no lawsuit related to it, but: “The employer’s interest in protecting patients or guests or customers with the vaccine is valid. In the case of certain groups of employees, the interest of the unvaccinated employee may be higher. “

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Combo Jennifer Bridges Houston Methodist-Clinic in Texas

Because, according to previous knowledge, it has not yet been possible to create a level of protection comparable to any other – for example by experiment. In addition to staffing hospitals and nursing homes, in his view this also applies to teachers and educators.

In extreme cases, the employer can stop those who have not been vaccinated if there are no other meaningful job opportunities without customer and patient contact, he explains. For new employees in particular, refusing to be vaccinated may be the right exemption criterion if vaccination is part of the employer’s infection protection concept.

Students are not likely to be vaccinated

However, on the trade union side they did not believe in such coercion. Heinz-Peter Meidinger, president of the German Teachers’ Association, says the measles vaccine has decades of experience, but it is different now. In any case, the desire of the staff to be vaccinated is already very high.

Studies by individual federal states have shown that the proportion of teachers who are vaccinated for the first time is nearly 90 percent. Those who are not vaccinated often have health concerns, for example due to allergies from previous vaccines. “Of course, victims still need to be taught a face-to-face lesson,” Meedinger said.

There is a completely different grip on his view. “The biggest challenge is that most students don’t get vaccinated when school starts in the fall,” Meiddinger says. There is a constant debate in schools about mask requirements, tests and room air filters.

“These are all important things that we need to improve,” the editor-in-chief said. “But if the fourth corona wave comes and students are not vaccinated, they will get infected outside of schools.”

Recommendation: 200 euros for vaccination certificate

There is currently no approved vaccine for those under 12 years of age, and there is no vaccine recommendation for the 12- to 15-year-old standard vaccination authority. Meadinger says he does not want to expect it. “But we should not pretend that the measures taken by schools and teachers alone can protect classrooms face-to-face with vaccines. If children are not vaccinated in the fall, no one can deny renewed distance learning.”

Dasing does not see compulsory vaccination as the best solution. You can only be a last resort. In the first stage, he thinks a stimulus method is best. “If the vaccination certificate has a bonus of 200 euros, wouldn’t one or the other encourage you to think about getting vaccinated?”

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Contrary to expectations, if it does not have the desired effect, it should be sharpened. “Reducing the risk of Govt 19 is a huge task for society as a whole,” Dosing says. “We are fighting for the last 20 percent. The legislature should not be ashamed of taking bold and unpopular actions.”

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