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Lawsuit by Mark Herring on Teva Pharma to affect US-Israel Relations

in Virginia

As Virginia and the entire country continue to struggle with the Opioid crisis, it seems that the Attorney General of Virginia, Mark Herring is in no mood to let the responsible parties leave the issue in past, that easily.

Instead of submitting in the peer pressure and settle the claims for misguiding on the benefits and risks of the drugs, Herring has filed a lawsuit on Israel-based pharmaceutical company, Teva Pharmaceuticals. Headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel, the pharmaceutical industry specializes in generic drugs and is involved in active pharmaceutical ingredients and proprietary pharmaceuticals.

Amongst many reasons, the lawsuit is significant because this is not the first time Teva is under scrutiny and that too for a drug. Earlier in October, the pharmaceutical industry decided to end the production of the drug Vincristine, essential for the treatment of the major childhood cancer.

Moreover, the lawsuit filed by Mark Herring is first of its nature, especially after the group decision of attorney generals from different states to settle the lawsuits, nationwide, with five companies, which also include Teva.

Since the past 10 years, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has been involved not only in controversies with the US government but also, with other pharmaceutical companies like Bayer for false marketing claims.

Additionally, since May 2019 things have been difficult for Teva. The pharmaceutical company was sued not only for overcharging by 1000 percent of the original price but also, for forcing the doctors to prescribe more Opioids along with Johnson & Johnson and Purdue Pharma.

Speaking on the lawsuit filed against Teva Pharmaceuticals, Virginia’s attorney general Mark Herring said, “I am going to hold these companies accountable, put an end to their lies and illegal conduct, and make sure they shoulder the financial burden for addressing the crisis they created.”

This is not the first time that the state authorities have taken action against those responsible for the Opioid crisis and made an attempt to deliver justice to victims or attorney general went out of way to do right by the Virginians and justify his job.

As of now, It is only a matter of time, before the decision is provided on the lawsuit of Mark Herring filed against Teva Pharmaceuticals, but what remains a question is the uncertainty that surrounds the fate and future of Teva as a pharmaceutical company and its viability in United States.

With US administration favoring the Israel government almost on every step, will the court ignore the plight of those affected from the Opioid crisis, just like the current US administration or will it deliver justice?

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