February 2, 2023

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Markus Lance on ZDF – monologues of omniscient old men

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including: Michael Maynes

Panel discussion on the Left’s position on Russia and NATO, geostrategic, international and human rights implications of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

One can say much about the relationship between Berlin and Germany Russia The two countries have been at war throughout their history, reconciled and are currently struggling to find a position with each other. But the broadcast shows whether German-Russian relations have grown beyond Cold War proportions. Marcus Lance Doubt.

Marcus Lance had two older (and, yes, white) men in his life ZDF was invited. One is Gerhart Baum, former Federal Minister of the Interior FDPNow 89 years old and has Russian ancestry: his mother was born Moscow was born On top of that NATO Bam did not want to let anything come of the wars waged by the Western security alliance – from Kosovo, through Afghanistan Pam doesn’t want to be compared to Russia’s attack on Iraq Ukraine understand

TV talk with Markus Lanz from June 30, 2022. © Screenshot ZDF

General review by Janine Whistler on Marcus Lance

And so did the other old men around 74-year-old historian Prof. Karl Schlögel blew the same horn. Schlögel, who published numerous books about Eastern Europe in 2015, namely “Showdown in Kyiv”, immediately after the Russian annexation of Crimea, with Markus Lance tried repeatedly to draw a large historical arc in ZDF, today’s wars. With those who joined yesterday.

Specifically Janine WhistlerCo-Chairman left, had to listen to severe and often harsh criticism. “Every war has a history,” Whistler said and regretted that at the end of the Black conflict, after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, NATO was not dissolved and a new European peace order emerged. “Nothing Justifies Russia’s Attack”. Nevertheless, according to Whistler, it should be noted that mistakes were made that led to the current situation.

Whistler’s colleagues were unwilling to accept any of this, and Schlögel was not particularly sympathetic to what he claimed to be an anti-war party. Shlogel said that for someone like Putin, there is no room for peace and diplomacy when the rules of the global order that have been in place for decades are destroyed. If the images of Marcus Lance’s broadcast were not in color, looking at Baum and Schlögel’s reports, one could easily get the impression of a morning pint during the happy Cold War era. ARD.

Marcus Lance: Questions of Reflexive Homicide

Women were never guests back then, but that changed in 2022. In addition to Whistler, journalist Marina Kormbaghi ​​was a guest on Markus Lance’s show on ZDF. The soon-to-be political expert from “The Pioneer” to “Spiegel” has repeatedly participated in the coordinated attack on Janine Wissler by the Men’s Front. Arguing alone for a diplomatic solution, Whistler often cut an unhappy figure, partly because of his opponents’ reluctance to budge from their deadlocked positions.

It is possible Ukraine war Not being able to finish with weapons alone seemed a completely absurd concept in the worldview of the old men (Lance included). The memory of the Cold War, the fear of Russia, the “red menace”, often escalated to a pathological level, apparently runs deep. When Markus Lanz at ZDF tackled the question of a diplomatic solution, the kneeling homicide question was immediate: “Who to talk to?” With such an approach, the end of the war can certainly only be imagined with a military victory. .

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For broadcasting

“Marcus Lance” from June 30, 2022 on ZDF. Full Episode in Media Library.

Increasingly, the debate between the five turned into double talk by the omniscient elders. Who wants to complain that Ukraine is talked about a lot in Germany, but it has no problem explaining the world and its problems. “What do we not understand about Russia?” Markus Lance asked Karl Schlögel in his ZDF program. “Well, I don’t think Russia understands what’s going on either,” suspected the ancient historian, which struck the tone of the program well.

Some concrete or surprising things were said, well-known ways of thinking were challenged, and most of all, they were surprised by what was happening. Four months after the war in Ukraine, you can go a little further, but Marcus Lance is not that far. (Michael Maines)