February 4, 2023

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“Martyr” and “Patriot” for Ukraine: “It should be”

Status: 06.01.2023 11:36 am

Ukraine Gets Armored Personnel Carriers and Anti-Aircraft Battery From Germany: Air Force Inspector Gerhardts Talks of a “Strength” “A very, very late decision,” says Green politician Hofreiter.

The inspector general of the air force, Ingo Gerhardt, wants to speed things up after deciding to hand over a “patriotic” air defense system to Ukraine. “Delivering the Patriot to Ukraine as soon as possible with the training of Ukrainian soldiers, simultaneous deployment in Poland and Slovakia means a tour for our troops. But it should be in these special times!” Twitter quoted Air Force Lt.-Gen.

The Central Government after consultation with the US Govt For the first time several dozen infantry fighting vehicles of the “Mortar” type And deliver the “Patriot” anti-aircraft battery, as Washington had promised before Christmas.

Hofreiter: “A very, very late decision”

Green European politician Anton Hofreiter described the planned “mortar” delivery as “very, very late”. “If these tanks had been delivered earlier, fewer Ukrainian soldiers would have died. That should be made very clear,” he said in a joint statement. Morning magazine From ARD and ZDF. A European initiative to supply “Leopard 2” battle tanks is desirable.

Ukraine must support the war with everything necessary — and more. Hofreiter dismissed the risk of Germany becoming a belligerent party as a result: “The more clearly we support Ukraine, and the more clearly we signal to Putin that we will not abandon this support, the more likely this war will end.”

Strack-Zimmermann: “After Morton comes the leopard”

The head of the defense committee in the Bundestag, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmerman, said it was “a great relief that the federal government and especially the president have finally paved the way for the tank delivery”. It’s too late, but not too late. delay.”

However, Strack-Zimmermann declared that he “will not give up”: “After the arrival of the Marten Leopard,” the defense politician wrote on Twitter, referring to the German battle tanks of the same name.

At NTR information The question now is how many tanks can be delivered and how quickly, Strack-Zimmermann said. At the same time there should be “Leopard 2” training courses. “If it has to be offered as a second installment, we will not lose time again.” A plan is also needed for the coming months. “We must not wait weeks again. This war rages daily.”

SPD external specialist: about 40 armored personnel carriers

Nils Schmidt, foreign policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, made the call rbb24 Information Radio Concrete numbers: “We reckon there will be about 40 that can be done without Bundeswehr or used from industrial stocks.” Weapons can be delivered in the first quarter. “Spiegel” previously reported up to 40 “Martens”.

Schmidt argued that the decision had just been made. A matter of close coordination with alliance partners. He rejected calls to supply battle tanks to Ukraine. Ukraine’s call for ‘Leopard’ tanks “completely understandable”. With other allies “we want to review every step of the escalation potential. And there are two weapons systems that undoubtedly have the highest potential for escalation: one is fighter aircraft and the other is battle tanks.”

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However, the opposition is also demanding decisions on the supply of “Leopard 2” tanks. “We see that Ukrainian soldiers need these weapons for self-defense,” Alexander Dobrindt, head of the CSU state committee in the Bundestag, told RTL/ntv. A decision has to be made regarding the next steps.

Fighter jets and main battle tanks?

Military expert Carlo Masala welcomed the planned delivery of more heavy weapons. “It was the right decision,” a political scientist at the Bundeswehr University in Munich told “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland”. But she said she should have come earlier. If armored personnel carriers such as “Mortar” had already been delivered in the summer, Ukraine would have joined more today.

Masala insisted that “talk” of Russian President Vladimir Putin escalating the war if given some weapons systems is now off the table. “It also opens the door to other arms exports. In two months we can talk about fighter jets and main battle tanks.” However, the deliveries were not decisive for the war, Masala admitted. “But it facilitates Ukrainian counterattacks in the east and south.”

Poland welcomes German “patriot” line

Meanwhile, Poland has welcomed Germany’s plan to hand over the “Patriot” anti-aircraft battery to Ukraine. Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau wrote on Twitter that he was happy to note the move. “This decision is consistent with what Poland already proposed at the end of November.”

At the time, the government in Warsaw recommended that Germany transfer to Ukraine many of the “patriotic” organizations provided to Poland. This caused great displeasure in Berlin.