February 2, 2023

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Mateusz Morawiecki in a photo interview – Polish PM warns 50 million immigrants – Politics Abroad

For days, Europe has been staring at the besieged border between Poland and Belarus: can the advance of immigrants be prevented? Did dictator Lukashenko fail in his threatening attempt against the EU?

BILD interview with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (53).

BILD: Prime Minister, border police officers were injured by rioting and water cannons on the border with Belarus. Is the situation getting out of hand?

Mateusz Morawiecki: “Currently the situation is stable, but it is becoming more and more threatening. Immigrants are being used as weapons by Belarus. Their targets are Germany, France and the Netherlands. So we are defending the whole of Europe along our borders.

Belarusians and Poles face each other at the border fence. How great is the danger of war?

Moraviki: “I hope everyone is calm. Belarusian forces are provoking more and more clearly. I hope you do not take that one step too far. Because we, the polar nations, are determined to protect our borders in every possible way. Eastern frontier of Europe and NATO.

Polish Prime Minister Mathews Moravic (53)Photo: Giorgos Moutafis

What are you afraid of?

Moraviki: “One thing is clear: if we were not in a position to keep thousands of immigrants out now, soon hundreds of thousands, millions of people would be heading to Europe. More than a million people live there – will you allow another 50 million people to come? I think people in Germany will not be happy about it because they want to maintain their standard of living and they want to preserve their culture.

Do you expect support from NATO – and from Germany?

Moraviki: “If necessary, there are levels of escalation. First, I am pleased that the leaders of other NATO countries have expressed their support, including President Angela Merkel and her successor, the soon-to-be-elected Olaf Scholes. The implementation of Section 4 may be another step, which officially declares that they are violating their national territories … “

… thus preparing for the possible intervention of NATO allies. So do you see the threat of war coming?

Moraviki: “We can not deny anything. Lukashenko and Putin are openly pursuing a strategy of destabilizing the West. It is not yet clear what they plan to do.

Nevertheless, I hope that international pressure will work and that it will be available to the 20,000 or more immigrants currently seated in Belarus. If the infiltration is stopped, the EU will help repatriate these people.

In 2015 it was repeatedly stated that the borders in Germany could not be secured. Do you prove otherwise?

Moraviki: “Naturally. We are closed to our limits. Despite thousands of attempts every night and every day, hardly anyone succeeds. It shows: you can successfully defend your borders. As a sovereign state, you must guarantee it. This applies to Europe as well: to the Mediterranean. We must do everything we can to protect our borders on the east from settlement.

So the walls around Europe?

Moraviki: “We need every kind of protection and surveillance to prevent attacks. Whether it is a wall, fence or electronic system, it will report intrusion immediately.

Refugees try to keep themselves warm by the fire, and their situation worsens with the falling temperatures

Refugees try to keep themselves warm by the fire, and their situation worsens with the falling temperaturesPhoto: Ulf Mauder / dpa

Refugees crossing the Polish border.  Polish Prime Minister Moraviki has warned 50 million refugees

Refugees crossing the Polish borderPhoto: Oksana Manchuk / dpa

Then why not use the help of the EU border agency Frontex? It is based on your capital.

Moraviki: “Currently there are more than 15,000 soldiers, border guards and police on our eastern border. Frontex has less than 1000 executives for such tasks – all over Europe! If we can do it ourselves, why should we try? “

Did Angela Merkel fail in refugee policy?

Moraviki: “Oh, absolutely. I think the politics of five or six years ago were not political enough. It endangered the sovereignty of many European countries and created an artificial multiculturalism. This is a dangerous policy for Europe and the world.

Nevertheless, there are criticisms that the way you treat refugees at the border is not in line with European law, that you are ignoring asylum claims, and that you are pushing cold and injured people across the border.

Moraviki: “The opposite is true: people found on this side of the jungle border can be taken to hospital or they can apply for asylum, thus saving many from death from the cold.

But Poland’s new laws allow push-backs, contrary to EU law.

Moraviki: “Border security must be effective. That is why we can push back those who violate our limits.

You have set a restricted zone on your border fence. Why can’t journalists, human rights organizations, even members of parliament use the rule of law to convince themselves that things are happening on the border?

Moraviki: “Because many aides and politicians used the situation for their own campaigns, destroying even border establishments. We could not tolerate it.

President Merkel spoke on the phone with Lukashenko a few days ago. Is it against your will?

Moraviki: “For me, one thing is for sure: in this crisis, no decision can be made in our heads. If there is a phone call about how immigrants from Belarus are being brought to their home countries, every effort in this direction is in the interests of Poland.

When you talk to new President Olaf Scholes in the future: What will you tell him?

Moraviki: “I say to him, ‘We are defending the EU border in Poland!’

So you say to Scholes: “Stop Nort Stream 2!”

Moraviki: “Yeah, of course, Nordstream 2 should be stopped!”

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