McKesson Corporation settle lawsuit

McKesson to Pay $37 Million to Settle the Lawsuit of Opioid Distribution

in Virginia

Last updated on May 7th, 2019

McKesson Corporation, the largest drug distribution company of the United States has to pay $37 million to the West Virginia as a settlement of the suit for creating opioid addiction.

The state of the West Virginia filed lawsuit against the drug distributor for various reasons, including providing 100 million doses of opioids to the West-Virginians and for not ending the distribution of medicine after the suspicious orders, as per the norms of the law.

Earlier, the Attorney General of New York filed a lawsuit against various drug distributing and drug making corporations including McKesson for the same reason.

The lawsuit is considered to be grave as the Tiny Boone County of West Virginia having a population below 25,000, alone was provided with 1.2 million doses of hydrocodone and oxycodone from 2007 to 2012.

As declared on Wednesday by Attorney General of West Virginia, Patrick Morrisey, the state will be receiving a total of $84 million as a form of settlement from different drug distribution and companies.

From $84 million, McKesson is asked to pay $37 million to the state. The company has to pay half the amount in three days while the remaining amount will be paid annually over a term of five years.

The company denied the accusations by the state of West Virginia and released an official statement saying, “McKesson is committed to working with others to end this national crisis … and is pleased that the settlement provides funding toward initiatives intended to address the opioid epidemic.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin mocked the agreement between the state and the Company as a, “sweetheart deal” that “sells out” the state. In regards with the settlement offer he said, “It’s pennies on the dollar to what McKesson cost our state.”

However according to the governor Jim Justice and Morrisey, the amount received in the settlement will be used to “further the collective fight against drug abuse in West Virginia” and will provide financial aid to the state initiatives including rehabilitation, job training and mental health programs.

Although, no amount of money can compensate the loss by opioid overdose, yet, the settlement amount might be helpful for further fight against the drug distribution companies like McKesson and might provide aid to the state government to fight and eradicate the opioid addiction.

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