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Media Neglect Could Be Jeopardizing Sanders’ 2020 Election Chance

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Hailed as a healthy fight within the political ranks of the Democratic Party, each potential presidency candidate is presenting big policy ideas. Ideas that would overhaul the U.S. health care system, address climate change and provide free college tuition.

However, even more than agendas, it is the media popularity that multiplies the chances of a candidate getting the chance to run for presidency.

The same media coverage is posing big challenge to Bernie Sanders’ 2020 election chances. Nonetheless, his worthiness of receiving more spotlight is being questioned, especially after the Intercept called him “arguably the most ambitious of any Democratic presidential candidate so far.”

Can Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Bids Make a Difference?

On Thursday, Bernie Sanders announced his immigration plan. In his statement, he called for abolishment of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs Border Protection, becoming the first and the only 2020 Democratic Candidate to do so.

Other than that he also announced his support for the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, which would “provide domestic workers with at least a $15 minimum wage, workplace safety, and fair scheduling.”

The comparison between Bernie Sanders’ immigration plan and that of other Democratic candidates is striking. Notably, it is Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, who are winning big numbers at this time, but no one has or – as expected – will pledge such an immigration plan in the near future. As a fact, Joe Biden served as the vice president under an administration that has more deportation rate than any other in the US history. And President Trump needs no introduction to the issue.

However, this is only one of the many things Bernie Sanders has promised under his reign.

“Building on the Green New Deal, we have brought forth a rather detailed proposal, and I have been criticized by some who say it is expensive,” Sanders told the crowd Saturday in Iowa. “Well, they’re right, it is. It’s $16 trillion,” he added. His idea intends to make transition to the US to 100 per cent renewable energy in a decade.

However, taking all of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 plans into consideration, an estimate of $97.5 trillion over the next decade would be spent, taking the total government spending to 70 per cent of the GDP. The estimate includes, Medicare For All plan, which alone would increase the federal spending between $30 and 40 trillion. Other plans include, climate plan, promising all Americans a full-time government job, forgiving all students loans and free public-college tuition, which sums up to $11.1 trillion.

Such unprecedented spending, which is nearly impossible to pay for, and even if it is assumed that the plans are worthy of generating enough revenue, the further diversion of funds into various promised schemes will make it really difficult to happen.

Given all of this, when the New York Times, Washington Post and other prominent media houses covered the event and did not hail the immigration plan, maybe it was because Bernie Sanders’ 2020 plans are mistaken to cause much bigger issues than resolutions.

With the fact that Sanders’ plans are misunderstood and hence not gaining the traction they are aimed at receiving. It is only because the upper limit of spending is too much to digest. Just a year to go in hand before the 2020 presidential elections, it is only wise to say that rather than explaining how plans work, Sanders should first explain the feasibility of his agenda and how he would finance it.

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