Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day Weekend in Virginia Leaves 1 Dead and 9 Injured

in Virginia

In the wake of honoring the dead armed personnel of the US, a party on the Memorial Day weekend in Virginia became a fateful event of yet another mass shooting. Reports of Mass shootings were reported not only from Virginia but also from New Orleans, Chicago and Trenton in New Jersey.

This has not been the first event to be marked by a mass shooting incident, involving deaths and injuries. Mass shootings like this even on the day of honoring the martyrs only indicates of one thing that is the need of a strict law limiting the use of arms and ammunitions.

According to the law enforcement authorities, mass shooting in Virginia which happened on the Memorial Day weekend targeted 10 people, leaving one dead and nine injured. According to the Chesapeake police spokesman Leo Kosinski, the mass shooting took place shortly after 09:00 pm. He also informed that when police reached the crime scene, they witnessed a “chaotic scene of multiple victims”.

The law authorities arrived just before 10:00 pm at the Chesapeake neighborhood of Holly Cove for the second time in the evening. Kosinski told the media that while the shooting happened, the law authorities were investigating the traffic disturbance on the scene.

The authorities have not yet identified any suspect and are also not considering the fateful incident on Memorial Day weekend as an event of mass shooting. At the moment, they are working on the possibility that the gang activity might be related with the shooting.

The identity of the deceased has also not been revealed as of now. While some of the injured were treated at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, the medic treated some at the crime scene itself. While Sentara treated eight victims of the shooting, including the one who died at 02:06 am, two other hospitals provided the report of treating the victims of the shooting, which brings the total of victims to 10.

Previously, University of North Carolina witnessed a shooting that left 2 dead and four injured. Similarly, just two days after the San Diego synagogue shooting, another shooting took place in West Baltimore, Maryland at the border of Virginia and West Virginia leaving one dead.

While various regions of the country witnessed mass shootings on the Memorial Day weekend, the occurrence of these tragic incidents in the region of Virginia is certainly a lot higher. These events not only affect the people, but also lower their trust in the capabilities of the law authorities to handle such issues. The lawmakers need to wake up and work on the legislature to make the availability and usage of arms and ammunitions as strict as possible.

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