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“Men in Black: International” Disappoints with its Lousy Script and Characters

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Men in Black: International, the fourth film of the Men in Black franchise and the first film of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson together after Thor: Ragnarok, might be the latest and most appropriate example of why a good script is a must for a blockbuster.

It’s been almost 22 years since the first Men in Black movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones released, yet it still remains fresh in the minds of the fans. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the fourth film of the franchise as it fails to live up to the expectations, solely due to the superficial characters and an indisposed script.

Men in Black: International sets an all time low bar for the sequel of a successful franchise. In the movie, Thompson appears as Agent M, which could have been a powerful character if the writers would have set her apart from others.

Similarly, Hemsworth appears as a charmingly arrogant Agent H, who thinks highly of himself. Even though the CGI has improved for better, a lot of money is involved in the production and the movie is shot at exotic locations like London, Paris and Marrakesh, still the movie proved to be a disappointment for the fans due to its sloppy script.

It can be said that the movie continued to go out of grasp as the plot unraveled. In an attempt to change the movie into what they believe, director F. Gary Gray and his team of writers, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway have made a futile attempt to change the movie into a complex world-building instead of a streamlined comedy.

While in the prequels, Will Smith and his knockabout reactions compelled the audience to laugh. However, it seems that in this movie both the agents are in a position where there is no stinging diversity between them. Even with the smooth CGI, Men in Black: International is full of sleek showoff, and the only thing that could be said with certainty about the movie is that people will soon forget it or in terms of Men in Black, the movie is itself a neuralyzer.

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