December 10, 2022

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Mexico: The mayor goes to jail after killing a journalist

In 2017, journalist Miroslava Violation was filmed in Mexico. Former Mexican mayor Hugo Schultz is now in jail for his role in the assassination, according to human rights groups. Schultz was inside Mexico He was therefore sentenced to eight years in prison. It shared the NGO Civic Project Van Breach is a legal adviser to the family.

As the former mayor of the northwestern Mexican city of Sanibas, Schultz had sent information about the violation to the criminal group that killed him. Conservative Party politician Bonn agreed, it was said. After an agreement is reached between the parties to this process, he must pay the fine and publicly apologize.

Breach, 53, was shot dead in a car outside his home in Chihuahua as he was about to take his 23-year-old daughter to school. He worked for the newspapers La Jornada and El Norde under the same name, and told others about the links between politicians and drug traffickers – and in Sanipas, which came from the Highlands. The head of a Los Salaser drug dealer who allegedly ordered the Breach murder was sentenced in August to 50 years in prison. Probosta Sevica has called for the arrest of others involved.

The Office of the Attorney General for Crimes Against Freedom of Expression believed that Breach’s work was the cause of his murder. Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists: inside. The organization said they were there last year Reporters without borders Eight media workers were killed or killed at work – more than in any other state. The majority of crimes in the North American country have never been solved.

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