December 7, 2022

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Miyan Williams

Mian Williams off the field with injury against Indiana, says he’s ‘good’ after game as Ryan Day predicts illness will only be short-lived

Mian Williams’ monster day ended before the first half ended on Saturday.

Buckeye ran back for 147 yards and landed in his first 15 carry against Indiana but sustained a leg injury that sent him off the field on a wagon in the second quarter.

Williams needed the help of several coaches to walk off the field after an embarrassing tackle, and he didn’t seem able to put weight on his right leg. Williams was then taken to the locker room, but not before sending an “Oh” signal to fans at Ohio Stadium.

After the break, FOX side reporter Jenny Taft offered an update on Williams’ status, claiming that head coach Ryan Day told her the hometown of Cincinnati would not play for the remainder of the game.

Williams returned to the Ohio State sideline in the third quarter with a shoe on his injured foot and using crutches. After the match, Williams tweeted, “We’re fine” to his followers and added, “Get off” for more action.

Ohio State was already short on relegation before Williams’ injury, with regular starter Travion Henderson missing his second game in a row and Chip Traianum disqualified before kickoff.

In his post-match press conference, Day said he believed the injuries to Henderson and Williams were not “long-term” injuries. He also hopes the Buckeyes can remain competitive in the running game despite their potential future absences.

“Hopefully, these are some of the things we can overcome here in a short period of time,” Day said.

In the Indiana game, former player Xavier Johnson and real freshman Dalan Hayden were Ohio State’s next choices after Henderson and Williams. Both made big plays for the Buckeyes even before Williams exited. Johnson took a play pass from the backcourt at 34 yards for a big profit in the first quarter, and Hayden scored a 14-yard touchdown on his first load in the competition.

Ohio State is hoping for a speedy return for Henderson and Williams, but Johnson and Hayden’s performance against Indiana provides confidence in their ability to pick things up quickly. However, depth in running back soon became a bigger concern for the Buckeyes, who have dealt with injuries in the center since pre-season.

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