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Michael Bloomberg Causes a Stir, Enters 2020 Race to Defeat President

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After dropping the idea to run for the Democratic presidential primaries earlier this year, Michael Bloomberg is once again planning to file his nomination for the 2020 presidential race.

Bloomberg has claimed the incapability of other Democratic hopefuls, including Sanders, Warren, and Biden, as the reason for him running for the 2020 elections.

According to sources, Bloomberg has claimed that his key objective is to defeat Donald Trump. Also, since no candidate seems strong enough to defeat him on the battlegrounds of 2020 elections, therefore he is running for the presidential primaries.

The founder of Bloomberg LP, Michael Bloomberg, is not entirely wrong in his speculations. Despite the low approval ratings, Trump has managed to remain one of the top choices of Americans, especially in swing states, giving some surety to his re-election campaign.

He has amassed criticism on key issues of social, economic, and policies on internal-external matters of the country. Yet, he has managed to help the country achieve the highest economy till now.

Trump, in nationwide polls conducted recently, was seen not only giving stiff competition to former Vice President Joe Biden but also leading the race of 2020 elections against Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg, and Harris.

And, with Michael Bloomberg, the three-time former Mayor of New York now competing for Democratic Presidential primaries, it seems that things are going to be very hard for the top Democratic hopefuls – Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders.

Bloomberg, not only has the perceptive of the rich and the businessmen, but has also voiced concerns on key social policies like abortion ban. Moreover, as a mayor, Bloomberg considered climate change a major crisis and launched the Million Trees NYC initiative in 2007 to plant one million trees over a decade, with the goal being achieved in 2015.

While which of the already running Democratic candidates would perform better against Michael Bloomberg would be seen during the presidential primaries, it is more important to note what would be the impact of the policies brought forward by Warren, Sanders, and Biden over the economy of the country – since the majority of voters are pretty happy with the current economic state achieved by Trump.

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