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Michael Flynn “Not Ready to be Sentenced”, his Lawyers Claim

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Defense attorneys of former National Security Adviser (NSA) Michael Flynn on Friday said that the federal government and its lawyers have knowingly delayed the efforts to protect him. His attorneys accused the federal prosecutors of not disclosing some of the documents and audio recordings related with the Mueller investigation and the charges imposed on him.

They claimed that Flynn is “not ready to be sentenced for lying about his discussions with a Russian ambassador.” They also said that Flynn is portrayed as the stooge of the unethical investigations conducted by the FBI and counterintelligence investigators.

During the hearing on Friday, they further claimed that “the government has exceeded its discovery and disclosure obligations in this matter”.

Earlier in December 2017, Michael Flynn, former NSA adviser, admitted to lying to the FBI about his communication with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, becoming the first aide of Trump for getting charged in Mueller’s investigation of Russian Interference in 2016 presidential elections.

During the court filling on Friday afternoon, Flynn’s attorneys brought attention towards the communication of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team with Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr. 

Ohr is an employee of the US Justice Department, who shared the dossier of Christopher Steele a British spy with the federal government. His work showed collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government prior to the 2016 elections.

During the court session on Friday, the new legal team of Michael Flynn said, “They affirmatively suppressed evidence … that destroyed the credibility of their primary witness, impugned their entire case against Mr. Flynn, while at the same time putting excruciating pressure on him to enter his guilty plea and manipulating or controlling the press to their advantage to extort that plea.”

“Nothing will force the government to take its obligations seriously until individual prosecutors are held to account with findings of contempt and dismissals of prosecutions,” they added.

However, the prosecutors have claimed Flynn has received the records he should have received and has also admitted of being guilty under the oath. Following the court hearing, Judge Emmet Sullivan has scheduled the next hearing for September 10. Apart from the next hearing, Michael Flynn has asked to delay the update on sentencing for 90 days.

The question continues to surround how the defense team of Flynn aims to resolve the case which earlier had no support either from the judge or federal prosecutors.

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