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Midterm Elections: Democrats take lead of the House with biggest margin

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The largest midterm elections victory in the history of the United States was bagged by Democrats this year. Democrats took control of the House of Representatives by surpassing the record of 8.7 million votes in 1974, the post-Watergate election.

According to the data compiled by the Cook Political Report, a non-partisan political analysis website, Democrats lead the Republicans by 8.9 million votes, with a gain of 53.1% votes cast nationwide in comparison to GOP’s 45.2% votes.

With only one House result remaining to be declared and 15,000 votes left to be counted, Democrats are streaming by less than 500 votes in California’s 23rd congressional district.

On November 6, the Democrats captured 41 House seats after the midterm elections, which they didn’t hold in the current Congress. Democrats lost just 3 seats to Republicans, making it at least 38 seats. It looks like the party could grab a total of 40 seats in the House, proving that the midterms would results in a blue wave.

Republican incumbent Rep. David Valadao has been taken over by California Democrat TJ Cox in the final undecided House race of midterm elections.

Another Republican incumbent Mia Love of Utah lost to the Democratic mayor of Salt Lake County Ben McAdams, when he won a little less than 700 seats in the state’s fourth congressional district race.

Love was the first black congresswoman to win in 2014.President Donald Trump mocked her after she lost her midterm race. She said that Trump’s comments were “hurtful” and she feels Trump has “no real relationships, just transactions.”

As per the report, 59,351,147 votes were polled in by Democratic candidates across the US in 2018 midterm elections, by Thursday. On the other hand, Republican candidates polled in 50,438,143 votes.

Democrats stand a chance of obtaining more than 60.5 million ballots in total, which is the closest for an opposition party to reach in midterms to match the 2016 presidential votes.

According to the United States Elections Project, 49.2 percent eligible votes have cast ballots this year, as compared to the 36.4 percent in 2014.

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