December 4, 2022

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Midterm elections in the United States: Republicans with a majority in the House of Representatives – Politics

There is no “red tide” and the Senate remains in the hands of Democrats, but Republicans have now won the House of Representatives. Whether they can replace Nancy Pelosi as spokesperson is still open.

Republicans won the majority in the US congressional elections. This was reported by the opinion polling firm Edison Research and the CNN news channel. Counting midterm results from a week ago, Republicans currently hold at least 218 of the 435 seats, while Democrats have so far reached 210. A Republican victory in California’s 27th Congressional District has crossed the finish line for a majority. Counting of votes is still going on in some states.

The result is much tighter than polls predicted before the midterms. Many experts predicted a “red tide,” a clear victory for Republicans in both chambers. The narrow lead makes it difficult for former Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to pick electoral victories. For initiatives, he needs votes from moderate Republicans and right-wing Trump supporters.

McCarthy was confirmed as the House Republican leader this week. He received only 188 votes, while 31 Republicans voted for right-wing challenger Andy Biggs.

It may be difficult for McCarthy to preside over the entire room. to Democrat Nancy Pelosi in January Speakers– McCarthy needs a majority of the entire House of Representatives to resign, so he cannot buy opponents from his own party even if Republicans win more seats.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives ranks third in the US political hierarchy after the President and Vice President.

It is clear from Saturday evening President Joe Biden’s Democrats retain control of the Senate. They secured at least 50 seats out of 100. In the event of a tie, Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris casts the vote. A runoff for the last open Senate seat in Georgia on Dec. 6 will no longer be decisive in deciding the majority.

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